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Ukraine’s first lady: ‘We are in trouble if solidarity fades’

Olena Zelenska, Ukraine’s first Lady (pictured), stated Wednesday (3 November) her war-torn country would be in danger if there was no international solidarity. She said, however, that she believes that humanity will triumph and that that support will continue.

Europe’s political agenda is dominated by the cost-of living crisis and rising energy costs. Some worry that this is slowly distracting attention away from the conflict in Ukraine, which has been ongoing since February when Russian forces invaded.

“I don’t believe that support for Ukraine is fading,” Zelenska said. It will not decrease,” Zelenska stated during a conversation at Lisbon’s Web Summit, Europe’s largest tech event.

She stated that she believed empathy, common sense and human emotions would win and encouraged people to envision the world they want to live in.


“If we do this wrong, we are in trouble.”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February resulted in the deaths of thousands and displacements of more than 8,000,000 people. They destroyed many cities and towns and reopened Cold War-era units.

Russia refers to the conflict as “special army operations”, which aims at protecting Russian speakers and eliminating dangerous nationalists. Kyiv refers to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine as an unprovoked imperialist and land grab.


Zelenska stated: “If someone believes aggression can be justified…this person is under the influence propaganda.”

Since the invasion, Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s wife has used her diplomatic position to maintain diplomatic relations and raise awareness about war.

She said that no book can show you how to be a president’s wife, especially in wartime.

While I don’t want to be the focal point of attention, it is important to have a voice in this information warfare. If I get the chance to speak, I will do so.

The European Union approved a new set sanctions on Russia last month. These sanctions are designed to weaken Moscow’s reserves and to threaten its determination to keep the war going.

Zelenska said that while sanctions cannot be stopped, they can be strengthened.

She stated that she would prefer the West to follow this path. They will be less likely to wage war on Ukraine if they are subjected to greater financial pressures and sanctions.

“We hope this will work.”

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