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British conspiracy thinker and antisemite not allowed into the Netherlands to address demonstration

The Dutch government denied David Icke, a British conspiracy thinker who denies the Holocaust, entry to the Netherlands. writes YossiLempkowicz.

The Dutch government says that he cannot enter the country as there are dangers to public order. He was scheduled to speak at a protest in Amsterdam on Sunday 6 November. It said that his statements could cause violence against himself or politicians.

Icke was not allowed to enter Schengen (which is 26 European countries) for the next two years, according to a letter from Immigration and Naturalization Service IND. There are no border controls within the Schengen area, so you can be blocked by any country for the whole zone.

Icke posted on his Instagram that he was heading to Amsterdam.


The Netherlands authorities had requested that a Jewish group in the Netherlands forbid Icke from speaking at the Dam Square rally organised by an anti-establishment group.

Centrum Informatie and Documentatie Israel (CIDI), also called for a protest against Icke’s location “in order to prevent the spread of his hate, plots and Anti-Semitism from getting a chance”.

Amsterdam’s municipality stated that Icke’s entry is “very undesirable” and has requested that the immigration office investigate whether Icke can be denied entry to the country.


According to the municipality Icke made anti-Semitic statements that were “unacceptable” and “deeply hurtful” in the past.

Icke, 70, is a former professional footballer and BBC sports journalist, as well as a politician for the Green Party of the United Kingdom. He supports conspiracy theories. Icke has been propagating a conspiracy theory since the 1990s that claimed that aliens disguised as reptilians are secretly ruling humanity. This theory is partly supported by the Jewish Rothschild family.

His popularity was gained in the international protest movement against coronagraphs, corona vaccine, and other coronagraph-related procedures. Many conspiracy theories he has come up with have an anti-Semitic bent.

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