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Biden aide held talks with Russian officials amid nuclear tensions, Wall Street Journal reports

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has held undisclosed talks with Russian officials to try and reduce the risk of the war in Ukraine escalating or spilling over into a nuclear conflict. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, 13 November.

According to the newspaper’s sources, US and allied officials claimed Sullivan was President Joe Biden’s top aide in national defense. In private conversations, Sullivan spoke with Yuri Ushakov (Kremlin aide) and Nikolai Patrushev, Sullivan’s counterpart, in recent months that were not disclosed.

The White House didn’t comment on the report, and only responded to questions with Adrienne Watson’s statement: “People claim many things.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, officials did not provide dates or count calls.


Recent months have seen a slew of high-level contacts between U.S. and Russian officials. Washington insists on talks between Moscow (and Kyiv) to end the conflict in Ukraine.

According to reports, the West accused Moscow of increasing its nuclear rhetoric. It has also accused Kyiv of planning to use radioactive bombs repeatedly without providing any evidence.

Kyiv denied the plan, while the United States and other Western nations suggested that Russia may be planning an attack to escalate the conflict.


Russia accused the West of encouraging provocations.

Washington’s support for Ukraine was demonstrated by Sullivan’s Friday visit to Kyiv.

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