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Now is the time to press Russia for peace, Zelenskiy says

Volodymyr Zelenskiy (the Ukrainian president) urged world leaders to support a plan to end the war in Ukraine on Tuesday (15/11). After Russia’s defeat at Kherson, in the south, he said that now was the time to promote peace.

He stated that Ukraine would not permit Russian forces to regroup on its territory after their withdrawal from Kherson.

Zelenskiy spoke in Indonesia at the G20 summit. The topic of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine was discussed by leaders from the largest economies around the globe.

He had already met soldiers and waved at civilians when he visited Kherson. He stated that he had witnessed evidence of 400 war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.


According to Reuters, he said that he believed that Russia’s destructive war must be stopped immediately. The video was filmed at the summit in Bali.

He asked Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine, and to reaffirm Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Kyiv stated that it would not compromise Ukraine’s sovereignty, territoriality, or independence. He demanded the release all Ukrainian prisoner.

He stated, “Please choose your leadership pathway – together we’ll surely implement the peace formula.”


Kyiv received comments from China condemning threats to use nukes after U.S. President Joe Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday.

“The two leaders underlined their opposition to the use or threat of using nuclear weapons by Ukraine,” stated the White House in a report from the meeting in Indonesia, just before the G20 summit.

A readout of the Biden Xi meeting was posted by China’s foreign ministry website. The website did not mention the word “nuclear”, but said: “Conflicts and wars don’t produce a winner… and… confrontation between major countries must not be avoided.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested repeatedly that Russia could use nuclear weapons to protect its territorial integrity. The West interpreted this as an implicit threat to use nukes over territory Moscow claims to have annexed from Ukraine.

Due to their mutual distrust towards the West, Xi and Putin became closer over recent years. China has not publicly criticized Russia for its invasion.

Zelenskiy, happy Monday’s remarks had been received, said in a late Monday speech: “Everyone understands to whom these words are addressed.”

According to a senior US official, the United States expects the G20 not to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its impact on the global economy.

Russia is a member of the Group, so it seems unlikely that there will be a consensus on Ukraine. He also refused to say what type of condemnation he would issue.

Rishi Sunak, British Prime Minster, stated that Putin’s government would receive support from the chorus global opposition for his actions in Bali.

He stated that Russia’s actions had “put us all in danger”.

Russia claims Putin is too busy to attend the summit.

Moscow claims that it is conducting “special military operations” to protect Russian-speaking communities and eliminate nationalists in Ukraine. Ukraine and the West describe the Kremlin’s actions as unprovoked acts of aggression.

Ukraine has repeatedly said that it is willing to make peace, but will not surrender territory.

After a telephone conversation with Mark Milley (chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff), Commander-in-Chief Valery Zlazhny posted to Telegram that Ukraine’s military personnel would not accept compromises.


Russia’s only regional capital was Kherson City, which it had captured since its February invasion. Six weeks prior to the invasion, Putin declared it “eternally Russian”.

Olga Fedorova was an English teacher during the occupation in Kherson. She stated that many people didn’t know about the events until the Ukrainian troops raised their flag on Nov. 11.

“We couldn’t believe it, but we still can’t believe that our Ukrainian Army has arrived,” she said. “We waited eight and a half months for them.”

Russia denies that its troops attacked civilians in Ukraine, and has committed atrocities in the area. Mass burials were also found in areas previously occupied by Russian troops. Many contained civilian bodies with signs of torture.

Monday’s vote of the United Nations General Assembly to adopt a resolution acknowledging that Russia must pay reparations for Ukraine was non-binding. It was supported by 94 out of its 193 members.

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