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Kazakh President on course for election victory

President Kassym Jomart Tokayev, Kazakhstan, is on track for a complete victory. He called an early presidential election in accordance with his programme of constitutional reforms and democratic reforms. Nick Powell, Political Editor, says that

A poll taken after voting was over showed that the Kazakh leader was at 82.45%. His five rivals received between 2% to 3.33% in an exit poll. The turnout was estimated to be 69.43 strong>

The People’s Coalition candidate was elected President. He can expect to be re-elected for a single seven year term in the new constitution. This will be confirmed by the Central Election Commission on November 22. It is the latest endorsement of his path to a new Kazakhstan, following a referendum on reforms that move the country from a super-presidential system to a presidential-parliamentary one.

Former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations. President Tokayev has now limited his rule to one term, which he is on track to secure. He resigned from the ruling Amanat party earlier in the year and said that the President should be above politics. He also introduced reforms that make it easier to form parties. Next year, a more powerful parliament will be elected.


The President has maintained independence in foreign policy. In recent months, his opposition to any forcible alteration in international borders has informed how he approaches Russia. He has also sought closer relations to China and the European Union. Because Kazakhstan is a key geopolitical location on the trade corridor between west and east, President Xi of China chose Astana as his first foreign trip since the outbreaks of the covid pandemic.

Similarly, European leaders have flown into Astana. Josep Borell, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs was in Astana just a few days back. Afterward, he stated that he had met with President Tokayev, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister Tileuberdi to discuss how to continue the positive momentum in our relations. He also said that Kazakhstan is a key partnership for the EU. Not only as a major source oil imports (about 8 percent of total imports), but also because of its dependence on gas and other vital raw materials.

“Politically, Kazakhstan has witnessed a number of reforms that are in the direction to political.

The High Representative said that pluralism is important. “Today’s Presidential Elections and Next Year’s

He said that parliamentary elections would be “important markers in this regard”, and he looked forward to.

Continuating progress. International observers did not report any serious violations of election process. They also noted the high turnout overall, although it was lower in Astana than in Almaty, the largest city. These variations are to be expected in free, fair elections, the foreign representatives said.


After casting his vote in Astana, President Tokayev spoke with journalists. “Today is an extremely important day.”

He said that it was an “important, historic day”. We are voting for a brighter future for our country. Although this year was not easy, our people persevered and overcame all obstacles. Now, we have very ambitious goals and are facing challenging tasks. There is still a lot to do.

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