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Petition asks the EU to ban pro-Palestinian group which called for the destruction of Israel, the EU and the US during Brussels rally

An online petition was circulated asking for the European Union’s ban on Samidoun. This pro-Palestinian terroriusm-linked organization recently called for the destruction of Israel and the EU during a demonstration in Brussels.

Samidoun is close to terrorist organizations such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, (PFLP), which is on the EU’s list of terrorist organisations.

“All means should be used to exterminate the nation-state Jewish people, from river to sea,” shouted Mohammad Khatib (EU coordinator for Samidoun), during the rally, which took place in front the European Parliament seat in Brussels.

Khatib urged supporters to “stand strong until the end” by throwing rocks or shooting bullets. – fight war, fire missiles, fire missiles.


“These inciting and inflammatory words threaten to overthrow the democratic values of EU and call for the violent conquests of the west world.” They are also a call for the eradication of a country from the world map,” Patricia Teitelbaum (chairwoman of Belgian Friends of Israel), a Brussels-based NGO, stated that the petition asking the EU to ban Samidoun was a call to wipe out a country.

Banners honoring George Habash, founder of the PFLP, were raised during the rally. Also, posters glorifying Hamas were carried by masked women and men dressed in the “Lions’ Den terrorists’ garb.

“The message is clear: violence and terrorism are not the solution. Belgium prohibits anyone from lawfully marching on streets unmasked, except for official carnival days. Teitelbaum stated that the police should have stopped Teitelbaum’s rally for this reason alone.


Samidoun is a major advocate for the release of Palestinian prisoners. Many of them have ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist organization (PFLP), which has been designated as such by the US and EU.

Teitelbaum pointed out that the Netherlands had made the principled decision not to allow Khaled Barakat or Charlotte Kates, the leaders of Samidoun to enter the country. This prevented them from attending the rally. The reason is that they are both closely connected to PFLP, which was named a terrorist organization by EU. She said that Belgium, in stark contrast, turns a blindeye to rising antisemitism, and promotes terrorism.

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