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Moldova warns of acute crisis as powers pledge more support

Moldova advised its citizens to be prepared for harsh winters because it was facing an acute energy crisis that could lead to unrest due Russia’s war against Ukraine. This is threatening its energy supply. The prices are also increasing.

As concerns mount over Ukraine’s possible destabilisation due to the conflict in Ukraine, 50 countries and institutions met in Paris on Monday 21 November to pledge their support.

This war is threatening the supply of electricity. We don’t know when we will have enough electricity or gas to heat and light our homes. Even if we could, the cost to our economy and our people is prohibitive. This could pose a threat to our security and social stability,” Maia Sandu, the president of Republic, told delegates.

“I am aware that all Europeans have to pay high energy prices, but these same prices have a much more devastating effect on our economy and people.”


Moldova, which is situated between Ukraine and Romania, has been affected by rising food and energy prices. Around 2.5 million people have fled to Moldova, where thousands of them have arrived. They have received more Ukrainian refugees per head than any other country.

Although Moldova shares strong cultural and historical ties with Romania, Moldova depends on Russia’s Gazprom ( GAZP.MM for its gas imports.

Given the arrival of winter, and Moscow’s decrease in natural gas supplies by around 40%, it is not certain that it will be capable of providing enough electricity to its citizens.


At donor conferences held in Berlin (and Bucharest) earlier this year, pledges of EUR659m and EUR615m total were made. Officials at the conferences said that pledges included repeated promises, project funding, and promises to inject more funds into the economy than just direct support.

According to a diplomatic source, there weren’t many new pledges. However, Emmanuel Macron, the French President, spoke to delegates to say that Paris would contribute EUR100million to help Moldova’s immediate needs.

Macron promised to help Moldova with its serious issues, and that Macron would not succumb to war fatigue.

Diplomatic sources said that Germany had pledged EUR32.5m in aid to refugees and infrastructure as well as for renewable energy.

Annalena Baerbock (German foreign minister) told reporters: “We won’t leave Moldova in cold, darkness or in a coming recession.”

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