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Ukrainians suffer in cold and darkness as president implores UN to punish Russia

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zeleskiy called on the United Nations Security Council for action against Russia after it launched air strikes on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. This has again pushed cities into darkness as winter approaches.

Russia launched a missile attack on Ukraine Wednesday night, killing 10 people. It also shut down nuclear power plants. Many areas were also affected by this attack, which cut off electricity and water supply.

“Today is just one day, but 70 missiles were delivered to us. This is the Russian recipe for terror. All of this is against our energy infrastructure. Zelenskiy said via video link, that all areas affected were schools, hospitals, transport, and residential areas.

He stated that Ukraine still waited for a “very solid reaction” from the rest the world to Wednesday’s air strike.


Russia is a member council with veto power so it is unlikely they will respond to the appeal.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Ambassador to Ukraine, stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “clearly utilizing winter to inflict immense suffering on the Ukrainian people”.

She stated that Russia’s president would “try and freeze the country into submission”.


Vasily Nebenzya (Russia’s U.N. Ambassador) responded by complaining Zelenskiy couldn’t appear via video according to council rules. He also rejected the “reckless threats and ultimatums” made to Ukraine by its supporters.

Nebenzya claimed that missiles fired at Russian missiles by Ukrainian air defense systems crashed into civilian areas.

On Wednesday, missile attacks hit Kyiv’s capital. Interior minister Denys Monastyrsky stated that there were three missile strikes against high-rise apartment blocks. He also stated that 10 people had been killed.

Explosions could be heard inKyiv as Russian missiles struck. Ukrainian air defense rockets were launched to try and intercept them.

“Our little one was sleeping. She was just two years old. She was sleeping so she was covered. Fyodr declared, “She is alive, thanks be to God,” and walked out of the burning apartment block in Kyiv carrying a suitcase.

According to the governor of Kyiv all of Kyiv (home to more than 3,000,000 people), lost power and water. Similar problems were experienced in other parts of Ukraine. In order to save energy and repair the damage, some regions had to resort to emergency blackouts.

Zelenskiy said that power and other services were being restored to more places early Thursday. Zelenskiy said in a video that emergency crews, municipal workers, and energy specialists were all working around the clock.

Russia admitted it had been targeting Ukraine’s civil energy grid far from the frontlines. A Ukrainian counter-offensive took territory from the Russian occupiers to its east and south.

Moscow claims that the missile strike was designed to weaken Ukraine’s capability and force it into negotiations. Kyiv asserts that missile strikes on infrastructure were war crime. They are intended to kill civilians and break the will for the nation.

Zelenskiy made a promise in a Telegram video address that this would never happen.

He stated, “We’ll renew everything and get through it because our unbreakable people are.”


Ground battles continue to rage in eastern Russia. Russia is pushing an offensive west of Donetsk, which has been held by its proxy ever since 2014.

According to the general staff, Russian forces tried to attack Donetsk’s main targets Bakhmut (and Avdiivka), again. According to the general staff, Russian forces used a combination of incendiary weapons to shell both areas and set fire to Ukrainian positions. This was however not a successful operation.

Bakhmut is occupied by a unit of Chechen fighters fighting the Russians. They believe that a Ukrainian victory would cause political turmoil in Russia, and bring down the pro–Moscow leader of Chechnya.

“We aren’t fighting for the sake of fighting. A nom-de-guerre Maga fighter stated that they wanted independence and freedom for their countries.

According to the general staff, Russian forces were moving further south on the Dnipro River’s eastern bank. They also attacked areas along the river’s west bank, including Kherson. These areas were recently reclaimed and reclaimed in part by Ukrainian forces.

Moscow claims that it is carrying out a “special military operation” to protect Russian speakers who live in an artificial state separate from Russia.

Western responses include financial aid in the billions, military hardware that is state-of-the-art for Kyiv and waves of punitive or punitive sanctions against Russia.

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