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NATO foreign ministers discuss more winter aid for Kyiv

NATO chief Jens Steltenberg will request allies to increase winter assistance for Kyiv during a meeting Tuesday (29/11) and today (30/11). After warning residents of Russian aggression on their infrastructure, the president of Ukraine has called for this meeting.

NATO foreign ministers will meet in Bucharest for discussions about how to increase military aid to Ukraine. This includes air defense systems, ammunition, and other related issues. Diplomats discuss not only supply and capability issues, but also non-lethal aid.


Stoltenberg wants to increase non-lethal assistance. This includes fuel, medical supplies, and winter equipment.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy was the Ukrainian president and warned about Russian attacks this week. These attacks could be as serious as last week’s attack which left millions without power, heat, or water.

Russia has admitted to attacking infrastructure in Ukraine. Russia denies its intention to harm civilians.

A senior European diplomat stated that Ukraine will experience a severe winter and that they are working to increase their support.

Germany, the G7 President, has also organized a meeting of the Group of Seven rich nations with some partners as part of NATO negotiations. This was done in order to push for faster reconstruction of Ukraine’s oil infrastructure.


NATO is pushing weapons manufacturers to increase their production. However, a second diplomat cautioned that there are growing supply capacity issues.

“We try our best to deliver, however, there is a problem. The Ukrainians are well aware of it. According to the diplomat, even the US weapons industry is facing problems, despite its strength.

Ministers will also discuss Ukraine’s request to NATO membership. They will most likely confirm NATO’s open door policy, but NATO membership for war-torn Ukraine remains far away.

Bucharest was the location of a NATO summit. It was held at the Palace of the Parliament. It was constructed under Nicolae Ceaucescu who was overthrown on 29 September 1989.

Leaders are resisting the urge to take concrete actions, such as giving Kyiv a plan of action for membership that would establish a timeline to bring Ukraine closer towards NATO.

NATO ministers will also discuss ways to improve society’s resilience. This comes just days after Stoltenberg warned the West not to create new dependency on Chinawhile still relying on Russian energy.

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