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The starry sky is vast and boundless, and only by working together can we travel steadily forward

As I look up, I can see the vastness of the cosmos. Bowing my head, however, I am able to see the many faces of the world. “The gaze flies and the heart expands. The joy of the senses may reach its peak, and this is true happiness.” Samantha Cristoforretti was an Italian female astronaut who was passing through China during her mission to the International Space Station. This tweet conveys humanity’s shared desire for the universe and was liked by citizens all over the globe – writes Cao Zhongming (Ambassador of China to Belgium).

The commonwealth that is outer space is the human race. China is determined to peacefully explore, develop, and use outer space. China’s President Xi Jinping congratulated the 2022 United Nations/China 2nd Global Partnership Workshop on Space Exploration and Innovation. He noted that China is open to working with other countries to improve exchanges and cooperation in order to jointly explore the mysteries and peacefully use outer space. The Workshop saw the China National Space Administration issue an action statement about China’s global exploration and innovation partnership. It outlined China’s plans, initiatives, and actions to promote mutually beneficial cooperation.

China has been actively involved in space exploration over the past few years. Space infrastructure has made steady progress. The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System was put into operation and completed. The three-step lunar exploration program was also successfully completed. The Tianwen-1 spacecraft took the leap from the Earth/Moon system to interplanetary exploration. China’s construction mission for a space station was completed on schedule. Each step of China’s space development has helped to increase its self-reliance as well as strength in science, technology and engineering. China has also increased international cooperation and exchanges in outer space, resulting in more results.

China’s Shenzhou-15 manned mission to spaceflight was completed several days ago. This marked the transition from the construction phase of the Chinese space station to its operation phase. China’s completion of its space station is a significant milestone in China’s space endeavor. It also marks a major contribution by China to peaceful human use of space. China adhered to the principles peaceful use, equality and mutual benefit throughout the construction of the space station. It also participated in various exchanges and collaborations with international agencies and other countries during the period. As of now, China, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, and the European Space Agency have implemented a variety of space science applications projects. Next year, payloads for these payloads will launch to China’s space station for experiments. One of the payloads is called “Tumour in Space” and involves a team from Belgium.


The common domain of humankind is outer space. We believe that space exploration should be a shared mission for all humanity. This will allow us to better leverage the strengths of each country and increase our knowledge of the universe. It will also help us promote human civilisation. China has signed memorandums or agreements in space with Belgium, other countries, and different regions and international organisations. China has been active in international cooperation in the fields of space science, technology and applications. China will keep up its vision of building a human society with shared futures and increase its space technology capabilities. We will pursue open and mutual development, continue to work with countries and regions that are committed to peaceful use of space, engage in more in-depth cooperation and jointly secure outer space security. This will ensure that China’s space science and technology achievements will be more significant in protecting Earth and improving the well-being of humans, as well as the advancement of human civilization.

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