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Ukraine appears to show ability to strike deep in Russia

Russian drone strikes set fire to a third Russian base, days after Ukraine showed a new capability to penetrate Russia for hundreds of kilometres via two attacks.

Officials from Kursk, Russia (90km) north of Ukraine’s border, released photos showing black smoke rising over an airport after the most recent strikes on Tuesday (6/12). Despite the fact that an oil storage tank was set ablaze, the governor said that no one was injured.

Russia claimed it was attacked by Soviet-era aircraft hundreds of kilometres away from Ukraine on Monday (5/12). The drones were reported to have been at Engels (Russia’s strategic bomber fleet’s base) and Ryazan (which is only a few hours driving distance from Moscow).


Although Ukraine did not directly claim responsibility for the strike, it nevertheless celebrated them.

Russian state media reported sirens heard at Engels’ Airfield on Tuesday night. They cited the first deputy of the District Administration.

Washington: US Secretary Antony Blinken reiterated the country’s determination to supply Ukraine with all necessary equipment, while also denying that Russia had encouraged or allowed Ukrainians to strike in Russia.

The US legislators agreed to provide Ukraine with at least $800,000,000 in security assistance for next year.


Russia’s defense ministry stated that three soldiers died in the attack on Ryazan. Although the attacks on military targets weren’t terroristic, the defense ministry referred to them as terrorist. It stated that the objective was to destroy long-range aircraft.

The attacks on Russia by Ukraine have never been publicly acknowledged by Ukraine. When asked about the attacks on Russia, Defence Minister Oleskiy Reznikov made a familiar joke and blamed his inattention for smoking. He stated, “Very often Russians smoke in places where it is prohibited to smoke.”

According to the BelTA state media agency, Russia’s ally Belarus moved military gear along with troops on Wednesday and Thursday (8-8 December) to monitor its response against terrorist attacks. According to the BelTA state news agency, imitation weapons will also be used for training.

Since months, Ukraine has expressed concern that Russia and Belarus may be planning a joint invasion of Ukraine’s northern border. Belarus has said it will not be joining the war.

“Leverage and Control”

According to industry sources at least 20 oil tankers still need to cross the Black Sea ports to reach Turkey to cross to the Mediterranean. Operators will face delays as they try to conform with the new Turkish insurance rules. This is due to the G7 oil price cap.

A official said that the Russian oil price cap reached by a coalition of Australia and the G7 did not cause the disruption in tanker traffic.

The price cap was established at $60 per barrel on Monday. This price is significantly higher than the current price for Urals crude oil, which comes from Russia, the second largest oil exporter in world.

In the coming weeks, Australia and the G7 will be busy determining two additional price caps for Russian refined oil products. According to a US Treasury official, these prices will be in effect on 5 February.

According to the official, “I think the point is that now we’ve been able to set the ceiling for $60, we have all the leverage and control.” Any adjustments made will be in the best interest of the G7, Ukraine, and the global economy. This will not be in Russia’s best interests.”


Late Tuesday (6/12) the Ukrainian military said that Russian forces continue to bombard villages and towns in eastern, northeastern and southern Ukraine.

Six people were killed in Donetsk’s rocket and artillery fire attacks. Alexander Kulemzin, the Russian-installed mayor in Donetsk, reported the incident on his Telegram channel.

Irina pointed to the flat that had been damaged and said, “Look at their actions.” “There are people there… Go to fields and fight there, not here.”

Dmytro Zytsky, the governor of Sumy near the Russian border, stated that many people were hurt when Russian forces fired 226 shots on seven communities.

Investigating war crimes investigators are currently investigating the deaths and injuries suffered by hundreds of civilians during the almost 10-month-old conflict. Russia denies targeting civilians as part of a special operation to expel dangerous nationalists from Ukraine.

Tuesday was Volodymyr Zelenskiy , the Ukrainian president, who visited troops at the frontlines of eastern Ukraine.

Zelenskiy later addressed the servicemen in Kyiv and said he had spent the morning in Donbas, the theater of the most severe combat, as well Kharkiv (the region where the Ukrainians have retaken vast swathes Russian territory).

Zelenskiy, in his trademark khaki green, said that thousands of Ukrainians have given their lives to see the day when no occupying soldiers will remain on our land.

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