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Some EU states formally express concerns to France over Macron Russia comments

The statements of French President Emmanuel Macron regarding Russia’s security guarantee were criticized by other European countries and the Baltic States. Diplomats said that they expressed their disapproval at France’s statements regarding Russia’s security guarantees on Monday (12/12/12) and then clarified their position.

Macron stated that Europe should prepare its future security architecture and consider how Russia can be guaranteed when it returns to negotiations.

These remarks were immediately rejected both by Ukraine and the Baltic states. Despite the fact that the French presidency and the French foreign ministry tried to minimize the situation some people still feel anger.

Czech Republic holds the EU Council presidency. It was instrumental in coordinating support for formal diplomatic representation (also called a “demarche”)


Two diplomats claimed that the demarche was supported in part by the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia. Reuters couldn’t determine the number of countries that supported the move, or whether the Czechs supported it.

The Slovak, Czech, and French foreign ministers did not respond to requests for comment. The Polish foreign ministry declined to comment.

The three European diplomats stated that the Czech Republic handed out a draft demarche (also called a non-paper), last week to EU member countries in their capitals. Diplomats claimed that the paper was based upon previous Russian attempts to weaken Europe’s security architecture.


NATO member countries and European countries have reacted to the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, 24 February. This has prompted them to join forces against Moscow. They have issued several rounds of sanctions and provided significant military support to Kyiv.

Diplomats claim that the non-paper listed several aspects of cooperation with Russia. It contained a 1997 NATO-Russsia accord and proposed December 2021 agreements, which included Russian guarantees.

Two diplomats confirmed that representatives from the Czech Republic and other member countries delivered Monday’s finalized demarche to the Director for Continental Europe at France’s foreign ministry.

French President spoke to reporters on Friday, stating that Macron’s remarks were not new. He said they agreed with the Ukraine’s declarations that negotiations would take place at the end.

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