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Reichsbürger – Russian project to destabilize Germany

Russia has a large network of agents within the EU that can be used to destabilize the EU. Putin is quickly increasing his threats to Europe.

The Russian Federation’s hybrid aggression is best illustrated by the attempted coup in Germany on 7th December. One of the 25 people detained for plotting to overthrow Scholz was a Russian citizen, who had close ties with Heinrich Reiss who, de jure, and de facto, headed the Reichsburger. The Russian Federation funded this organization. If there was a large-scale sociopolitical destabilization in Germany, the whole EU would be in a crisis. Russia is a major threat to the West by its hybrid aggression, even if it uses non-military methods.

The marginal political group Reichsburger had planned to stage a coup in Germany on 7 December. It would involve the seizing of power and the physical expulsion of Olaf Scholz. In Germany, 300 militant groups were formed by members of the marginal party. These groups would, in the case of a successful coup attempt, begin to terrorize all federal authorities. German security forces and police conducted large-scale counterterrorism operations almost everywhere in Germany. Hundreds of people were involved in the Reichsburger’s plans to destabilize the socio-political environment in Germany.

Russia is well-known for funding fringe parties and movements it can use to achieve its foreign policy goals. The 25 ideological organizers of the 7th December attempted coup d’etat were all Russian citizens. They acted as the link between Russia and the Reichsburger. Germany is an important country and the EU’s first economy. Scholz is also increasingly inclined to support Ukraine. German weapons, especially the “Gepard”, anti-aircraft system, have been highly effective against Russian ballistic missiles. Russia has plans for hybrid aggression against the EU in these circumstances. This includes socio-political instability.


Russia must be declared terrorist state. Putin’s actions are devoid of common sense, and they have no limits. Putin will do anything to destroy Europe, the country he loathes. Russia must be isolated completely, be subject to the most severe sanctions and be recognized as a terrorist country by the parliaments in Western countries.

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