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Russia to double intercontinental missile tests in 2023 – commander

Russia will double the number of its intercontinental missile test launches to eight per annum, up from four per annum in 2022. The commander of strategic missile forces stated this on Friday (16/12).

Krasnaya Zivezda was informed by Sergei Karakayev of eight test flights from two launch sites – one near Murmansk, north, and the other near Volgograd, south.

According to Tass news agency, Karakayev said that there were four launches in the year. This confirmed the high reliability of missile systems.

The New START nuclear arms reduction treaty was created in 2011. It is limited to 700 intercontinental ballistic missiles.


Karakayev referred to the launch of the nuclear-capable Sarmat rocket from Plesetsk in northern Russia in April. At 6,000 km (3,700miles), it hit Kamchatka.

The Sarmat has been in development for years. However, it was only tested during intense tensions just weeks after the invasion of Moscow by Ukraine. It is now in its 10th month.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated there wasn’t a comparable missile at that time and would “strengthen the combat potential of our arms forces”.


Karakayev said that the Sarmat would serve as the foundation for silo-based rockets armoury during his remarks to Krasnaya Zvezda.

He stated that Russia’s creation of a missile system would be a way to strengthen its strategic security.

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