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Ukrainians leaving Bakhmut describe constant shelling, fear and cold

The Ukrainians fleeing Bakhmut recalled Russian shelling almost every day that forced them into basements to stay warm in the freezing cold.

Bakhmut, home to 80,000 people was the epicenter for the violence that is currently taking place on the eastern front. Recent weeks have seen enemy positions move only a few hundred meters.

Military experts believe Bakhmut has minimal strategic significance. According to military experts, Bakhmut is of minimal strategic importance. However, Russian forces (including mercenaries fighting for the Wagner group) have in recent increased its bombardment.

Valentyna said that the house would shake and would crumble around you every second or minute. Valentyna, a retired 70-year-old woman, fled Tuesday after she couldn’t fall asleep for the past week.


She refused to give her full name.

Bakhmut is most famous for its Soviet-era champagne wine and nearby salt mine.

Moscow’s capture by Russian forces, after suffering humiliating defeats against foes they believed could be overcome, would be a rare piece of good news.


Bakhmut could see both sides suffer significant military losses, despite fighting having been ongoing since May. There are not reliable estimates.

According to the regional governor, less than 12,000 residents are still living in areas that have sustained serious damage.


Leonid, a 37-year-old military chaplain drove a van into Bakhmut to evacuate civilians.

He described the scene in terms of devastation, with elderly people walking on the streets and humanitarian aid workers covered in soot from fighting fires.

Bakhmut’s recent footage has shown areas that are mostly deserted and buildings burning or badly damaged, as well as frequent bursts of gunfire.

Leonid stated that Bakhmut has a terrible situation due to constant bombardment and constant attacks.

He said, “When we arrived at Bakhmut, there were fires to the left and right.”

Leonid evacuated Valentyna and took her to Pokrovsk in Ukraine, Pokrovsk to begin her journey to Kyiv.

According to the pensioner she was forced to leave her apartment due to the cold and insufficient central heating.

It was freezing. She said, “We slept in temperatures of 3deg Celsius in our house, wrapped in three blankets …. It was freezing.” She said Bakhmut was also home to many other people.

“Wherever the men picked us up, there’s a basement nearby. There is also a kindergarten. There are many people living there.

Leonid said that 60 people, 15 children included, had gathered at the van’s station. However, they declined his offer of taking them out.

“I begged them. They refused to go. He claimed that someone approached me and wanted my number. It was a grandma who had her apartment demolished and two other women with kids.

“People wait for everything to be over, even though it is more dangerous. People cry, but they stay. We don’t know what else we are waiting for.”

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