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US finding grid equipment for Ukraine at home and abroad

Washington provided Ukraine with US-sourced energy equipment in order to help its grid recover from Russian attacks. The US government stated that it was also searching worldwide for such supplies.

The first $53 million of power aid shipped by the Biden administration last week. The open market value of many items offered by manufacturers and utilities at no cost or with paid transportation costs will likely be greater than the original price.

A representative of the Energy Department stated that suppliers were “really quite forthcoming”, but pointed to the fact that not all equipment from America is compatible with Ukraine’s grid.

The official spoke anonymously, saying that some of the things we have aren’t plug-and-play with Ukraine.


Russia has launched a series attacks on Ukraine’s electricity and heating infrastructure since October. This is a deliberate campaign to harm civilians, according to Kyiv and its allies.

Washington and its West allies have given Ukraine equipment and funding to improve Kyiv’s energy resilience. Russia’s aggression has left millions without heat or darkness.

Washington receives a master list of Ukraine’s power grid requirements from Washington. This includes maintaining water and sanitation systems in operation during blackouts, which are necessary to stabilize the country’s crumbling infrastructure.


According to the official, “Unfortunately, Russian attacks will continue until then. We’re going to be looking at a patchwork framework that will continually have to be stood up again.”

Ned Price, spokesperson for the State Department, said that coordination of equipment procurement and movement included the State, Energy, and Defense departments, US Agency for International Development, and the White House.

Price said that Russia’s military is struggling on the battlefield, and is attacking infrastructure to bring war into Ukrainian homes. Price stated that the government will focus on long-term grid reconstruction efforts once Ukraine’s urgent requirements are met.

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