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Russian-backed official says half of Donetsk under Moscow control, advance difficult

According to a Moscow-installed top official, it is difficult to make progress in Donetsk’s areas. He said that over half of these were under Russian control.

Moscow recognized Donetsk People’s Republic of Ukraine as its own in September. This was in an exercise, which Ukraine and its allies denounced as a ‘sham’ or coercivereferendum.

“A little more than half the territory in Donetsk People’s Republic has been liberated,” Denis Pushilin, a Russian-installed administrator, told Russian state-owned news agency RIA.

Since fighting began in recent weeks, the region has been in chaos. It is not clear whether Donetsk’s areas are currently under Russian or Ukrainian control.


Russia claims that it is slowly moving forward with its positions. The defense ministry announced Monday that 30 Ukrainian military personnel were killed in the offensive launched there on Monday.

Pushilin stated that it was difficult to find a place along the Lyman line in the northern region. Ukraine had releasedLyman within hours of Putin’s September annexation.

Pushilin stated, “The situation remains difficult, the enemy wants counterattack, but at present our units are holding every position,” RIA cited Pushilin. Pushilin stated that “It’s not always feasible for us to move ahead.”


According to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zeleskiy Russia’s continued bombardment of Donetsk has totally destroyedBakhmut and severely damaged Avdiivka, which is located in the middle of the region.

The general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces said Monday that Russia continues to focus its efforts on the capture and advance of both cities.

In an evening update, it stated that “Near Bakhmut, the occupiers rained mortar and artillery fire upon almost 20 settlements.” According to the military, nine settlements were under attack in Avdiivka.

Although the British defense ministry stated that Russia was still likely to make further advances in Donetsk, it questioned their ability to do so.

It said that it was unlikely that Russia could create an effective strike force capable to retake these areas.

“Russian ground forces won’t make significant operational advancements in the next few month.”

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