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Putin orders FSB to step up surveillance of Russians and borders

President Vladimir Putin’s Monday (19 December) order to the Federal Security Services was for increased surveillance of Russian society and borders in order to protect Russia from foreign threats and traitors.

Putin spoke before Tuesday’s Security Services Day in Russia, which is widely celebrated. Putin stated that “new dangers” have made it more urgent to intensify intelligence activities.

Putin stated that “work must be intensified through the border services and Federal Security Service(FSB)”.

“Any attempt to break it (the border) must be stopped quickly with all available forces and means, including mobile units or special forces.


Putin instructed the FSB to “maximize their operational, technical and personnel potential” in order tighten the control of the society.

The main successor to the Soviet-era KGB, the FSB is now the FSB. A wide variety of security services were involved in Moscow’s invasion Ukraine.

A transcript of Putin’s speech was provided by Reuters, and translated by Reuters. It states that Putin stated: “Composure and concentration are now required by counterintelligence agents including military intelligence.


“It is vital to severely suppress foreign services’ actions, quickly detect traitors, spies and saboteurs.”

The FSB will be headed by Alexander Bortnikov, who is aligned with Putin. He will intensify surveillance of mass gatherings and strategic facilities as well as the energy infrastructure.

Since the start of the war, protests and dissent have been quickly put to rest in Russia. More than 1300 people were arrested in September during protests against Putin’s 300,000.

Putin acknowledged that the invasion in Ukraine wasn’t going according to plan. Putin stated that the situation in Ukraine’s annexed areas in September was very difficult. He also ordered the FSB to provide “safety” for the residents of the regions.

Putin promised them more modern equipment and weapons and stated that they had to ensure their security at the highest level and respect their rights.

Now, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has entered its 10th month. It is impossible to stop. This is Europe’s worst conflict since World War Two. It has claimed the lives and displaced millions of people, leaving cities in ruin.

Moscow refers to the invasion as a “special operations” that was meant to demilitarize its neighbor and denazify it. It is a war of aggression to seize land that Kyiv and its West allies refer to as.

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