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Ukraine’s Zelenskiy visits Biden and US Congress

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Ukraine, traveled from Kiev on Wednesday 21 December to meet President Joe Biden and visit Congress. This will be his first overseas visit since the Russian invasion on 24 February.

According to US officials the United States will announce an aid package for Ukraine worth $1.8 billion.

Officials stated that the package would include Patriot missiles and humanitarian aid, but it could have a different value. One official said that the package could include guidance kits for air-launched missiles, which will aid Ukraine in hitting precise targets.

According to one source, Biden and Zelenskiy are likely to meet at the White House.


CNN reportedZelenskiy on his way to Washington.

The spokesperson for Zelenskiy did not respond to our request for comment. According to Zelenskiy, the official schedule shows that the president left Ukraine on February 19, according to Zelenskiy.

According to a source familiar with the planning, he would visit the legislators on his trip to Washington 10 months after the war began.


A source says security concerns could lead to changes in plans.

When we asked Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, for comment, she did not respond immediately.

Pelosi had written earlier Tuesday (20 December) in a note that Wednesday’s session Congress would place a “very special focus on democracy”.


His office reported Tuesday that Zelenskiy had previously surprised Bakhmut at the eastern frontline. This underlines Russia’s persistent, but slow attempts to capture it.

Zelenskiy described Zelenskiy’s nightly video address to be a visit “Fortress Bakhmut”, Donetsk’s claimed province in September. Most countries deny Russia’s illegal occupation claim.

The office applauded Zelenskiy as he wore combat khaki and presented medals to soldiers at the crumbling industrial complex.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented four Russian-appointed leaders in Ukraine’s regions to provide comfort to the Kremlin.

Ukrinform TV forms part of Ukraine’s government media agency. This video shows Bakhmut servicemen signing Zelenskiy’s hand and displaying a Ukrainian flag.

In the video, Zelenskiy said that he would hand the bill over Congress and to the US president. He didn’t give any further details. We appreciate your support. He said that it was not enough.

He has encouraged his troops to keep their spirits high as the battle for Bakhmut enters its fifth-month. This battle is a symbol for the brutality of war and its grinding nature.

Bakhmut is fighting to defend the east and that is why they are holding on. Zelenskiy posted this message to Telegram: “Freedom being defended here is for everyone, in fierce fights and at great price.


Zelenskiy repeatedly urged the West to increase its weaponry and defense systems after Russian drones attacked energy targets. After six days of strikes from Russian drones, Zelenskiy called for more weaponry and air defense systems.

Sources claim that Washington is near to finalizing plans to send the Patriot missile defense system (missile defense system) to Ukraine. The Kremlin warned that US-supplied equipment could make Ukraine a suitable target for Russian strikes.

The U.S. Senate approved a bill to fund government funding. It included $44.9 billion in assistanceto Ukraine. This money could be used for logistics and equipment replenishment, as well as training and intelligence support.

Tuesday’s announcement from the World Bank stated that it had approved additional funding package for Ukraine, totaling $610,000,000 to assist with immediate relief and recovery.

Kyiv claims it needs Western assistance to improve its air defenses. Russian strikes have repeatedly shut off electricity supply in sub-zero temperatures.

Officials in Ukraine claim Russia’s missiles and bombardments are meant to weaken the will of civilians.

Premier Minister Denys SHmyhal stated that Ukrainians should prepare for new Russian attacks on their energy infrastructure. Russia wanted them to celebrate Christmas Eve and New Years in darkness.

YASNO (the electricity supplier for Kyiv) did not offer immediate relief to residents.

Sergey Kovalenko, chief executive of YASNO, stated in a Facebook posting: “We don’t even count on a return to scheduled disconnections,” late Tuesday.

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