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Russia’s Navalny accuses authorities of using prison to break his health

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was sentenced to Russia on Monday 26 December. He said that his back pain had worsened after prolonged periods in solitary confinement. These were part of his deliberate strategy to harm himself, he claimed.

He also tweeted a complaint about being injected unknown drugs.

Tweet: “See how it works when someone is not allowed to beat up another person but your leadership orders that you do so.”


“For example, I have a problem with my spine. Navalny, 46, wrote that it is clear what can be done to make the situation worse. Through his friends and lawyers, he is able to post to social media.

A punishment cell is where a person can sit or stand for 16 hours a day on an iron chair. Even a healthy person can feel the effects after a month. These are the three months I have spent this way. My back hurts a lot.

Navalny said that he had been seeking a doctor for more than a month. Navalny stated that a doctor finally arrived but she only checked him for five minutes and refused to give any information about her diagnosis or prescription.

He stated that he was then given injections. He inquired about the contents, and was informed that they were exactly what the doctor had ordered. Vitamin B is just one example.


He claimed that the injections weren’t effective and that it was uncomfortable to have unknown drugs injected.

Navalny also included images from his medical records in the tweet. Navalny claimed that the images were released to his account one month after he requested them.

It was hard to read handwritten sheets in the online format. They included a reference to “degenerative-dystrophic disease of the spine” and said he had often complained about pain in his back and right hip, and of numbness in both feet. One note indicated that Navalny refused to be referred for psychiatrist.

President Vladimir Putin’s most outspoken domestic critic, Navalny is a strong opponent to the war against Ukraine.

He was poisoned with a nerve agent in 2020 and required extensive medical treatment in Germany.

He is currently in prison serving 11-1/2 years for fraud and contempt. According to his allies, Western governments, and rights organizations, he claims he was the victim of fabricated charges that were meant to silence him.

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