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Ukraine weighs heavy on minds in Moscow as New Year holiday approaches

Moscow’s Christmas markets bustle and tourists to Gorky Park are greeted by gleaming ice-sculptures. Some Muscovites admit that they have difficulty feeling festive during the New Year festivities.

People in central London claimed that they have noticed a shortage Western goods when they shop for food and gifts.

Maria, a Maria woman answered the question without hesitation: “Is the conflict in Ukraine affecting my feelings?”

“Directly. Yes. Yes.


With a rueful smile, she added, “To be honest with you, there’s always the hope that things will improve, but it seems like things won’t get better.”

Ivan, a neighbor, mentioned the conflict in passing but said that he would still celebrate.

“A holiday is just that. Even though some of our comrades might be doing things that I wouldn’t want, this holiday is still available for grandparents and children. He stated that it should remain so.


Russia’s most significant seasonal holiday is New Year’s Day. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January.

It is impossible to ignore reminders about the Ukraine conflict. The brightly lit Latin letters Z & V are illuminated near the park’s entry.

Red Square was given a pavilion to allow people to donate gifts and humanitarian aid to troops. Outside, you can hear upbeat Soviet-era music.

Some respondents claimed that Russia’s sanctions made it more difficult to shop during the season. This is in response President Vladimir Putin’s “specially military operation” in Ukraine.

Vladislav Pukharev owns a marketplace that sells New Year’s Fir trees people can use to decorate their homes. According to him, prices have risen due to the difficulty of sourcing trees and higher shipping costs.

“People are starting to spend less. They are buying smaller trees this year than last year. He stated that they still purchase natural trees.

Evgeniya, who is a jeweller, stated that her sales at a seasonal market had increased sharply over last year.

Natalia, a pensioner, stated that “50%” had disappeared from the shelves outside of a supermarket. Natalia described her mood as “absolutely terrible” when she was asked. It is something everyone can relate to.

Matvey, a student, stated that he misses Western brands and has therefore spent less on clothes this year. Matvey claimed that one of his close friends was drafted and sent to Crimea by Russia in 2014.

He stated that he felt empty at the beginning of the conflict. It was difficult to understand. Although it was difficult to accept, I finally did.

Natalia, a young lady, said that she noticed fewer cheeses, and that she couldn’t find her favourite Portuguese wine.

Leonid, Leonid’s father interrupted her and said “Oh my God!” There are many bottles full of Crimean wine. It is extremely good. Russian wine.

Many people who were interviewed said that they would try to celebrate the New Year in the same way they did before, even if it was difficult.

“Even though I don’t want to celebrate it, it should still been celebrated. We have to give gifts.” Ekaterina, a researcher said she believes that we must combat the feeling of insecurity.

Moscow resident Daniela Khazova stated that she felt “complex” at tree market.

“The holiday is almost not a holiday. But I want to be close to my family now.

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