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China’s refinement of COVID response measures can stand the test of history

Over the past three years, there have been joint international efforts to combat COVID-19. The Chinese Embassy in Belgium writes that it is important for China to be able to make informed decisions and respond scientifically to the changing situation.

China decided to manage COVID-19 based on a thorough assessment of the mutation of virus, COVID situation and ongoing response efforts. It also formulated and published the provisional measures for cross-border travel.

This will allow for more effective coordination of the COVID response and economic and social developments, and facilitate people-to-people trade between China and other nations. Intuitive members of the international community have fully acknowledged China’s efforts over the last three years to combat COVID-19. Unaffected observers can clearly see that China has taken all necessary steps to protect the health and well-being of its citizens and reduced the effects of the epidemic on the economy and social development.

Facts are the best mythbusters. China has been a strong advocate of people and their rights over the past three decades. It has effectively responded to various COVID waves and prevented widespread infection with the Delta variant and other strains. This has greatly reduced the number and severity of cases and deaths.


WTO data shows that the COVID infection rate in China was 70/100,000 people by October 2022. The death rate is 0.4/100,000 people. Both are among the lowest in the world, according to WTO data. The international community has seen that China is among the most affected countries and the best at responding to the pandemic. China took the initiative to improve its COVID response methods, with Omicron being less deadly and pathogenic. It is science-based, timely, and necessary.

Countries that adjust the COVID policy will invariably experience a period for adaptation. China is not an exception to this as we shift gears in our COVID strategy. China’s COVID situation is stable and predictable. Beijing is the first city that has experienced the infection peak. Now, life and work are returning to normal.

Beijing’s attractions have seen a surge in ticket orders, as well as traffic jams during rush hour. Shoppers have also been visiting more malls. The city is experiencing a return to its bustle. The relevant Chinese departments have done scientific assessments of potential peaks in other cities and provinces. They are confident that the process of shifting focus and policy adjustment will proceed in a controlled and orderly manner.


A few countries have recently imposed restrictions on Chinese tourists coming into their country. This is not science-based. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, together with some prominent Belgian virologists, have stated that the variant spread in China has been known to be circulating in EU countries. Therefore, the risk of getting infected from China is very low.

American, British and German foreign chambers and commerce in China and some foreign diplomatic missions to China pointed out that China’s COVID policy adjustments will open the door for people-to-people and business travel and restore foreign investor confidence in China. More countries have stated that they are open to China’s policy of facilitating cross-border travel, and that they will not change their entry rules for Chinese citizens.

When China implemented the zero COVID policy in its third year of the pandemic it was falsely accused by some. As China adjusted its response to changing circumstances, these people were again blamed for slandering China. They claimed that China didn’t pay enough attention to people’s health and were bringing danger to their lives. These people have become obsessed with the “democracy against autocracy” narrative of any topic, while turning a blind ear to the COVID responses in their own countries. These contradictory double standards should be disregarded.

To defeat the pandemic, it will take concerted effort. We want to see more objective, rational and rational views, with less ideological prejudices and political manipulation by the international community and other relevant sides, in order to properly view China’s COVID responses effects, situation, and policy adjustments. China will cooperate with other countries in order to adopt a science-based approach to cross-border travel. This will facilitate safe and orderly crossing-border travel and help to strengthen global solidarity against COVID as well as the world’s economic recovery.

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