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New Drone Attacks in Ukraine

Russia does not intend to end terror, and is currently awaiting a second batch of UAVs from Iran.

Russian troops invested a lot of money in UAVs and missiles in December and November to make sure that the New Year was dark for Ukrainians, but it failed to happen. Russian terror tactics won’t work. The help of partners is slowly turning the Ukrainian sky into a shield.

The New Year’s kamikaze drone attacks show that Russia most likely has enough drones after a few weeks of non-use or has received or is expected to receive another batch from Iran. The Ukrainians continue to use the same missiles and drones for the third day of the new year. The Kremlin seems to have a different goal now. It isn’t to do harm but morally exhaust society and cause as many civilian casualties.

Russian invaders have been trying to seize control of Ukraine by using smoke bombs. This tactic is now the most popular. Russia doesn’t have an inordinate amount of missiles but they do have a “clear lack” of them. According to recent information, they have received approximately 300 drones. These massive attacks are not intended to cause damage to the Ukrainian energy infrastructure but also to locate the Ukrainian air defense forces.


After more than ten years of war, Ukraine has, among other reasons, built a sufficient flexible air defense system. The Russian side, however, is trying reconnoiter and break it. The Russians, for example, send drones to conduct reconnaissance as well as strikes. The result is that, while they think they have hit 40 drones and 5-10 infrastructure or energy facilities, this is what they actually did. But Ukrainian experts have proved that multi-channel systems work better than this.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine provide support for civilians in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian air defense instantly calculates the trajectory of enemy missiles and adjusts our air defense systems accordingly. Within a matter of hours, the Ukrainian air defense systems can change their deployment and change the area they are active. The Russian army cannot therefore clearly identify which system is working in a given area.


Russian troops are trying find out how the NASAMS system received by the Ukrainian Armed Forces will function, but the Ukrainian military has merged its air defenses so that it will be difficult to penetrate these systems. The Russian authorities are trying to intimidate Ukrainians. They also want to exhaust their spirit and can’t accept that they are so strong.

Russians need to remember that blackouts don’t affect the morale or the everyday Ukrainian. This is why attacks at night have become more frequent. People are not allowed to sleep and hope that this will increase the pressure on the government.

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