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Poland says Germany refused talks on World War Two reparations

Germany has rejected Poland’s request for large reparations in respect of World War Two. The Foreign Ministry in Warsaw responded to a diplomatic note Tuesday (3 January) and stated that the matter had been closed.

A spokesperson for Germany’s foreign minister stated that the ministry had responded to a Polish correspondence on the topic in October. He didn’t comment on diplomatic correspondence.

Poland estimatedits World War Two losses to Germany at 6.2 Trillion Zlotys ($1.4 Trillion). They demanded reparations. Berlin repeated its assertion that all financial claims relating to the war were settled.

Arkadiusz Moczyk, Poland’s deputy foreign Minister, said that this answer shows a “absolutely disrespectful attitude towards Poland and Poles.” In an interview with Polish Press Agency, he spoke.


“Germany does not pursue a friendly policy towards Poland. They want to expand their influence and treat Poland as a vassal.

Mularczyk responded to a question regarding continued dialogue with Germany about compensation. Mularczyk answered a question about continued dialogue with Germany on compensation. He stated that it would be done “through international organisations”.

Six million Poles, including three millions of Polish Jews, were killed. After an uprising that saw around 200,000 civilians killed, Warsaw was also demolished to the foundations.


The Soviet Union forced Poland’s communist rulers to give up their claims for war reparations. They wanted to free East Germany, another Soviet satellite from all liabilities.

According to the ruling Polish nationalist Law and Justice party, (PiS), the agreement is invalid because Poland did not negotiate fair compensation. It has been an advocate for Polish nationalism since 2015 and has been a force for justice.

PiS’s hostile stance towards Germany, which was frequently used to mobilize its constituency, has created tensions with Berlin.

In October last year, Annalena Bock, Germany’s foreign minister, stated that the suffering of Germany during World War Two had been “passed on through generations” in Poland. The matter of reparations was however closed.

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