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Ukraine clinches US and German armoured vehicles, rejects Russian ceasefire order

The Russian unilateral order to a 36-hour ceasefire that was scheduled for Friday (6 January) was dismissed by Ukraine as a trick. France, Germany, and the United States leaders said they would send armoured fighting vehicles support to the Kyiv government.

According to US officials the US weapon package will contain approximately 50 Bradley Fighting Vehicles as security assistance valued at $2.8 billion.

Reporters were told by Joe Biden, President of the United States, that “right now the war in Ukraine is at a critical point.” We must do everything we can to help the Ukrainians resist Russian aggression.


Biden and Scholz jointly stated that Germany will supply Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

According to it, both countries have agreed to train Ukrainian soldiers how to use weapons. Germany will also supply a Patriot air defense battalion to Ukraine. Although the country has seen some success on the battlefield following Russian invasion of Ukraine in February last year, it has asked for heavier weapons from its allies.


Volodymyr Zelenskiy (the Ukrainian president) rejected a Russian order to stop the truce over Russian Orthodox Christmas at 12 midnight on Saturday. The truce was scheduled to take place at noon on Friday. He claimed that it was a trick to stop Ukraine’s advance in the eastern Donbas, and bring in more Moscow troops.

In his Thursday night video address Zelenskiy said that they now want to use Christmas as a cover, even if only briefly, to stop the advances of our boys in Donbas”. He brought equipment and ammunition and mobilised troops closer to our positions.


“What will it do for them?” They will see an increase in total losses.”

Biden claimed that Putin’s ceasefire was an indicator of his despair. At the White House, he stated to reporters that he believed Putin was trying to get some oxygen .

Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s Ambassador to Washington, responded to the post on Facebook by saying that Washington is determined “to fight with Ukraine until the last Ukrainian.”

He encouraged Washington to consider the potential consequences of sending Bradleys into war.

Every 7th January, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas. Since 2019, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is an independent church that rejects any ties to Moscow patriarchs. Many Ukrainian Christians believe that Christmas should be celebrated on 25 Decemberembe as opposed to the West.

Zelenskiy spoke clearly in Russian and not Ukrainian. He said that ending war meant “ending the nation’s aggression… Your soldiers must leave, or they will be thrown out.

Dmitry Polyansky, head of Russia’s permanent mission to the United Nations, tweeted that Ukraine’s response was “one additional reminder” about who we were fighting in Ukraine: “ruthless nationalist crimes who…have no respect for sacred things.”


In a telephone conversation, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan stated that his government was ready to accept mediation duties and moderation duties to reach a lasting peace with Russia & Ukraine.

Separately, Putin told Erdogan on Thursday that Russia is open for dialogue regarding Ukraine. But Kyiv will need to accept Russia’s loss of territory.

Antonio Guterres (chief of the United Nations) stated at a Lisbon event that he believes warring sides are “far away from a time when a serious peaceful negotiations is possible”.

Putin called the war a “specially militarily-oriented operation” to protect his country’s security. It has caused millions of refugees and thousands of deaths and destroyed many cities, towns and villages throughout Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian prosecutor general, at least 452 children were killed in conflict and 877 were injured.

People in Kyiv (the capital) and Kramatorsk, the eastern city, rejected Putin’s ceasefire offer.

Valerii, a 30-year-old Kramatorsk resident, stated that even though he was Catholic, the fighting went on. He stated that the New Year’s Eve was a difficult one for his community, with three to five hitches.

“The fighting never stops, not on weekends or holidays. Can you trust him? No.”

Nataliia Shkolka (52), stated in Kyiv she was subject to such bombing on New Year’s Eve. I think it’s hypocrisy from Putin.

Heavy fighting continues in eastern Ukraine’s war, with the worst happening in the east near Bakhmut.

Ukraine claims Russia lost thousands, despite gaining little ground in months of futile attacks against Bakhmut.

“We are holding onto. Viktor, a 39-year-old Ukrainian soldier, stated that the guys were trying to maintain the defense. He was driving an armored vehicle from Soledar, a salt-mining community at Bakhmut’s northeastern edges.

According to a White House official, the United States believes Yevgeny prgozhin, Putin’s ally is trying to control sodium and gypsummines in Bakhmut.

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