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Is Moscow scheming for Ruben Vardanyan to be president of Armenia?

The world’s top media are not likely to interview war criminals, complicit in war crimes and massacres, as well as fraudulent creators of another Ponzi scheme. Putin’s protege in the occupied Ukraine is Denis Pushilin (the self-proclaimed head the Donetsk People’s Republic).

Some Western media provide Ruben Vardanyan with a platform. He is one of Russia’s richest men (according to Forbes), and a man that is closer to Putin than Pushilin.

Ruben Vardanyan is accused of laundering money through offshore companies, and transferring money from the most powerful people in Putin’s circle (for example, Sergei Roldugin). He also held positions on the “expert councils” of the President and Government of the Russian Federation. These positions are only accessible to those who are close to Putin. Vardanyan was also the head of the investment bank Trika Dialog. This branch of Sberbank became part of the Russian Federation in 2011.

Members of the EU Parliament demanded that an investigation be made into Vardanyan’s activities as Troika Dialog’s head in March 2019.


Vardanyan and Troika Dialog were again mentioned in connection to the topic of offshore businesses: The Organized Crime and Corruption Investigation Center clearly proved Troika Dialog had established a large network of offshore corporations. These companies collaborated with other companies that were accused of illegally withdrawing, laundering, or cashing out funds from Russia. We’re talking about 4.6 Billion dollars that were passed through 76 businesses.

It seems that Vardanyan is “the wallet of Putin” and is the only person who knows him. Vardanyan gave up his Russian citizenship in September 2022 because no one asked him any hard questions. This was evidently an attempt to avoid Western sanctions. It is important that Vardanyan was allowed to continue his Russian business operations. Only Ukraine didn’t succumb to the simple trick of renunciating Russian citizenship and placed Vardanyan on the list sanctions: logistical support for the Russian Federation’s occupying army.

Vardanyan assumed the role of “head of government” for the separatist enclave of Azerbaijani Karabakh in November 2022. The international community does not recognize this enclave as an independent entity. It is recognized by UN and international law as the Republic of Azerbaijan’s territory. However, it was used by the Russian Federation as a “peacekeeping” area after the 2020 war.


The Russian Federation’s “peacekeepers” are only there to support Vardanyan in Karabakh. While Vardanyan has formally distanced himself from Russia, he remains Putin’s weapon during the undeclared war against Azerbaijan. The Kremlin is making a new puppet country out of Karabakh that would be totally under Moscow’s control.

Already, the first steps have been taken to create a “hotspot” in Karabakh. Vardanyan has invented and actively promotes the story of the “Lachin blockade”, and “humanitarian disaster” into the international media. It is possible to conceal what really happens in Karabakh because of the noise Vardanyan created. Vardanyan stole (according to local sources), the Damirli copper-molybdenum and Gizilbulag Gold deposits near Lachin. Russian “peacekeepers” are there to protect Vardanyan’s henchmen against any attempts to stop the plundering. This is in violation not only of international law but also of all environmental norms.

Kremlin calculated that this would result in Azerbaijan initiating military actions. The authorities of Azerbaijan Republic reacted wisely to Moscow’s provocations and demanded only that experts be admitted to their mines and territory. Vardanyan refused to comply with all requests. The only group of Azerbaijani specialists that managed to reach the mines’ territory was driven out by Vardanyan’s close friends and associates. Azerbaijani journalists and foreign journalists were prevented from going there. This clearly shows that the “Republic of Artsakh”, a Russian puppet organization, exists only to destabilize its main competitor in the field of energy supply to Europe and Israel.

Azerbaijan supplies oil to Austria and Bulgaria, Germany and Spain. The EU received 12 billion cubic metres of Azerbaijani natural gas in 2022. This will increase to double the amount of natural gas imports by 2027.

Azerbaijan supplies 40% of Israel’s energy requirements.

“Republic of Artsakh”, a puppet formation of Kremlin

Azerbaijani environmental activists have been since December 12 demonstrating along the highway to Lachin. They don’t confront the Russian military but they won’t allow the illegal exploitation of natural resources in Karabakh. In fact, they are against the Russians stealing Azerbaijan’s natural resources. Representatives of non-governmental organizations and eco-activists demand that Azerbaijan’s illegal exploitation and destruction of the environment be stopped. Vardanyan intentionally inflates this “humanitarian disaster” from his peaceful actions.

Mikhail Podolyak , Adviser to President of Ukraine, noted that the “crisis in Armenian enclave Karabakh” is artificially inflated. Incorrect data about the Armenian population of Azerbaijani Karabakh was used to exacerbate it. Vardanyan’s media noise drowns out legitimate protests and demands from Azerbaijan and its ecoactivists. The claims claim that the Armenian population in Karabakh is 120,000. This reinforces the myth of the “crisis”. The central Ukrainian media states that the Armenian enclave of Karabakh cannot contain more than 40,000 people. This is because the Russian military contingent is located in the area of Karabakh.

Stories about “humanitarian disaster” and “blockade are preparations for the Kremlin’s arrival as a “Big Brother” on the scene with readymade Russian passports to the population of the pseudorepublic. This is exactly what happened in occupied Crimea. Azerbaijani Karabakh suddenly becomes a Russian territory after the “referendum”.

The Kremlin has other plans for Karabakh. Vardanyan will be a significant player in the future. He should succeed Pashinyan who made a decision to favor a pro-Western role. The Versiya newspaper reported in September 2022 that “Ruben Vardanyan” claims to be Armenia’s new leader and may become the president in the future. The Armenian newspaper stated that Vardanyan wanted to be active in the Armenian political process in the near future. He would not only participate in the next parliamentary election but also as a candidate in the post of Prime Minister. This is Moscow’s official plan. It is sponsored by Russia. Vardanyan will be promoted to succeed the current government of Republic of Armenia.

Armenia will thus be under Moscow’s complete control, and possibly Tehran’s. According to the Ayatollah’s regime, Armenia’s security is equal to that of the Islamic Republic. recently discovered Iran’s support of the Russian war on Ukraine was done through Armenia. Iran Air Cargo, a subsidiary company of Iran Air flew from Yerevan’s Zvartnots International (a civilian airport) to Moscow with missiles and drones.

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