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UK, EU working on data access to resolve post-Brexit trade row

Britain has agreed to share data about trade with Northern Ireland with the European Union. This is an important step in resolving long-standing problems arising from post-Brexit rules that govern trade in the region.

British Foreign Minister James Cleverly and Vice President Maros Sepcovic of the European Commission stated that the London agreement was an important step towards further negotiations on the Northern Ireland Protocol trading rules.

“They agreed that while a number critical issues must still be solved in order to find a path forward, they reached an agreement today concerning the specific issue of EU accession to UK IT systems,” a joint declaration was declared.

“They understood that this work was a critical prerequisite for building trust, providing certainty, and it provided a foundation for EU-UK negotiation.”


A spokesperson for Prime Minister Rishi unak told reporters that the agreement was an “important leap forward”.

The joint statement was welcomed by Micheal Martin (the Irish foreign minister). He stated that he would be visiting Brussels Tuesday to discuss the protocol as well as other issues.

To maintain the 1998 peace accord between British territory Northern Ireland (UK), and EU member Irelands (EU), and avoid a hard border. Britain also accepted that Northern Ireland would be included as part of its exit form the EU.


Since January 2021, goods imported from the United Kingdom have been subject to import controls. Despite applying grace periods, Britain has yet to implement many of these. It has attempted to rewrite the agreement to lower these barriers and promote the free flow of goods.

The EU requested live and semi-live data on goods that were transported from Britain to Northern Ireland in order to determine whether they should be checked upon arrival.

Britain has set up a new system to provide EU current customs datarelated Northern Ireland, safety declarations and transit information. This is to ease EU concerns that goods may enter Ireland without paying EU customs.

Sunak’s spokesperson stated that they were pleased to see the UK government begin to use the system.

“There are some improvements but there are still substantial problems at the core of this protocol that need to be addressed,” refers issues such as the role of the European Court of Justice in trade dispute resolution.

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