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EU envoy hails Ukraine’s moves to reform judiciary

On Tuesday (10 January), Kyiv’s ambassador in the European Union stated that Kyiv is very close to reaching a major milestone in its reform of its judiciary. This crucial step will be taken prior to the start of accession negotiations with 27-member bloc.

Ambassador Matti Maasikas felicitated the eight members of Ukraine’s High Council of Justice. This important body appoints or dismisses judges. It was part reforms to the judiciary.

The European Commission, which is the EU executive body, offered Ukraine the status of a candidate member. It made reforming Ukraine’s judiciary one its main recommendations, despite Russia’s invasion.

Maasikas tweeted: “Within achieve milestone in reforming Ukraine’s judiciary system, as advocated and supported by the EU for many years.


“I’m confident that the Ukrainian judges will rise to the occasion.”

Last month, the speaker stated that the Ukrainian parliament passed all legislation requested by EU before talks began. It is believed that the path to EU membership may be lengthy and could take up to a decade.

Some watchdogs warn that powerful interests could resist reforms, especially in the judiciary system.


“They don’t want any disciplinary body,” said Mykhailo Zhernakov (department for DEJURE Foundation), who oversees judicial reforms.

Zhernakov, along with other critics, have expressed concerns about a new law that regulates the appointment and removal of judges from the Constitutional Court. They claim that it allows for political manipulation.

Frans Timmermans serves as the executive vice president of European Commission. On Monday, he visited Kyiv and talked by phone with Charles Michel (President of the European Council) about plans for a summit EU-Ukraine on February 3.

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