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American democracy breaks down

The US is currently experiencing what The Guardian in Britain calls dysfunction. This crisis has been caused by Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s repeated failure to win the votes necessary to become Speaker of Congress. Salem AlKetbi (a former Federal National Council candidate and political analyst from the UAE) writes that the US is now in crisis.

Recent rounds saw the majority leader fail to win the 218 votes required to lead the House. This was due to 20 members of his party refusing to vote for him. It is an intra-party event that has not been seen since 1923. This is not McCarthy’s repeated efforts to be elected but the unprecedented division within the GOP that caused this blip in the US political scene.

This will undoubtedly affect the party’s legislative activity at the House of Representatives, particularly on controversial or controversial topics, as well as the party itself. It could also impact the chances of the Republicans winning the next presidential election. Because of the divisions over Trump’s support, Trump plans to run for president in the 2024 election.

The election of a new Speaker of Congress did not start the crisis of American democracy. The storming of Capitol on January 6, 2021 was the event that culminated this crisis in American democracy. This unprecedented event in American history was not the beginning of this crisis. Even today, the echoes of this incident, which damaged America and its reputation, can still be felt by Republicans.


Their results in recent midterm elections suffered badly despite widespread dissatisfaction with Joe Biden’s performance.

Some observers believe that the current events in the US House of Representatives are a direct result of the events of January 6, 2021 when the most important seat in the world’s parliament was overthrown and taken over by hardliners.

There is also the fact the investigation has not provided the deterrent consequences necessary to prevent these events from happening again and show the world that American democracy can recover. My view is that the issue is not the causes which may seem obvious to most, but rather the consequences and possible consequences.


This is particularly true for the Republican nominee for the forthcoming presidential election. There are many factors that could lead to chaos and factionalism in the selection of a candidate for the party. The red party is split and has difficulty finding leadership to unite the right during the forthcoming presidential campaign.

The crisis in American democracy is more than these symptoms. They should not be ignored or minimized. There are still more serious issues that need to be addressed as America’s political system drifts closer towards political stagnation. It is actually very difficult to find new leaders for a party.

One possibility is the failure of party administration policies, and the influence of old guard. This was the key to Biden’s rise to the Democratic Party nomination and his victory. Despite his advanced age and inability lead the country with the greatest power in the world under these difficult circumstances, this could be one reason. It could also be due to Trumpism.

These complicated problems and crises facing American democracy will likely increase in the near future. With all the political polarization and difficulties in finding common ground between the major parties, the conflict is moving towards zero-sum conflict.

This is not to mention the fact that the Republican Party suffers from internal divisions, many of which revolve around Trump’s ideas. Party officials don’t even know what it means to not control both houses of Congress, as was expected, before the last midterm election.

I won’t exaggerate the effects of what happened or claim that this is the beginning for the end of America. However, I cannot ignore the dangers facing American democracy. This is especially true when it comes to the US’s reputation as a leader in the global arena, particularly in democracy.

Washington may no more be a mentor and can no longer dictate to the rest the rules and principles of democracy, freedoms, and political practice. It’s not just that you can’t give what your don’t have, but it’s also difficult to pass on lessons to others when the American model is incapable of providing a solution for itself.

The US will be losing a substantial portion of its democratic statute, which will invariably affect its position in the ongoing battle for global influence with its strategic enemies, particularly China.

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