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Ukraine in talks with allies about getting long-range missiles, aide says

Expedited discussions are underway between Kyiv, its allies and Ukraine about Ukraine’s request for long-range missiles. It says they are necessary to stop Russia from destroying Ukrainian cities. A top aide to President Volodymyrzey stated on Saturday (28 Jan) that this was the case.

Ukraine has received Western promises for battle tanks, and it is looking to purchase fighter jets to fight Russian and pro-Moscow forces that are gradually advancing along a part of the frontline.

According to MykhailoPodolyak, a presidential advisor, missiles are needed to destroy the depots of the Russian army’s main weapon. He stated that there were over 100 artillery storage facilities on the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula.

“Primarily therefore, negotiations are already in progress. He said that negotiations were moving at an accelerated pace, but did not give details.


Separately, Zelenskiy stated that Ukraine was ready to prevent Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilians and urban areas.

He stated that Ukraine needs long-range missiles to “deprive the occupier” of the chance to position its missile launchers far away from the front line in order to destroy Ukrainian cities.

Zelenskiy stated that Ukraine required the U.S.-made ATACMS rocket, which has a range 185 miles (297km). Washington has not yet provided the weapon.


An earlier report by the Ukrainian media outlet Babel that the Ukrainian air force was planning to acquire 24 fighter jets from its allies was denied by the Ukrainian Air Force.

Spanish El Pais newspaper quoted Yuri Ihnat as saying that Ukraine originally wanted two squadrons with 12 planes each and prefer Lockheed Martin F-16 jets.

In a statement to Babel Ihnat stated that his remarks to Friday’s media briefing had been misinterpreted.

“Ukraine is still in the early stages of aircraft negotiations. He said that aircraft models and their numbers are being determined at the moment.

Ihnat stated that F-16s could be the best option to replace the country’s existing fleet of Soviet-era warplanes.

Interfax Ukraine news agency reported that he also stated to Ukrainian television that the allied countries did not like public speculation on jets.

Jon Finer, the White House Deputy National Security Advisor, said Thursday that the United States would discuss the possibility of supplying jets with Kyiv (and its allies) “very carefully”.

This week, the German defense minister rejected the idea of sending jets into Ukraine.

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