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Moldova’s dream of development can become reality

Natalia Gavrilita, a European dignitary, is currently in Brussels. This is an excellent opportunity to show her European values, the rule-of-law and democracy.

This was the opinion of Ilan Shaor, chairman of the “SHOR” Party. He said that Natalia Gavrilita might understand that European principles, values and values have nothing do with media censorship, which includes closing TV stations that don’t praise the government and the persecution of opposition politicians so that PAS can continue to be in government at all costs.

He spoke to EU Reporter and said that

Ilan Shor


“The rule of Law and European Principles have nothing in common, according to the Venice Commission’s opinion, which also pointed out the extraordinary nature of such actions. With European aspirations, the rule of law cannot be overthrown by unjustified and continuous perpetuation of the emergency. This is simply to steal and abuse citizens’ money. We are grateful for the help provided by states to Moldova. We believe that the money donated by our partners must reach the people. We supported the Movement for the People’s initiative to ask the government to fully pay the bills of energy consumers in December, January, and February.” said Ilan Shor.

He believes that Chisinau’s authorities should not be able to rely on foreign financial support or credit, but should instead attract investment. As prime minister, I am prepared to bring 10 billion euros of investment to Moldova to ensure that the economy makes a qualitative leap. A significant and rapid investment in the economy will create new jobs and provide decent wages. It will also allow the diaspora to return home to their families. Increasing the economy means more money in budget so we can increase salaries and pensions for budget workers. This means that there is more money available for infrastructure projects like roads, lighting, and sewage. The country’s dreams of development can be realized. I know how. I can make this dream a reality,” Ilan Shor stated.


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