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LeBron James breaks NBA all-time scoring record

LeBron James has passed Kareem AbdulJabbar’s 39 year-old record to become the NBA’s all time leading scorer.

James, 38-year-old star of the Los Angeles Lakers, scored 38 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder in a 133-133 defeat to break Abdul-Jabbar’s 38,387 mark.

Abdul-Jabbar first broke the scoring record in April 1984 eight months before James was born.

James said that being able to stand in the presence of such a great legend as Kareem is a huge honor.


James needed 36 points in order to break the record. He did this with a fadeaway jumper towards the end of the third period. finished the match with 38,390 career points.

James raised both arms in celebration, while Abdul-Jabbar (75), stood and applauded.

A brief pause in play was made for a ceremony to commemorate the achievement. James took a microphone and gave a speech on court.

“Thank you to everyone who has been part of this run over the past 20 years. Without you, I would not be me. Thank you all for your support. He said that his passion and sacrifices were what helped him get to this point.

“And to Adam Silver of the NBA, and to David Stern, thank-you very much for allowing us to be part of something we have always dreamed about. This is better than I could have ever imagined. ”

Abdul-Jabbar handed the ball to James for him to recognize his new record. This was in front of a cheering crowd, which included John McEnroe and Bad Bunny as well as tennis legend John McEnroe and Floyd Mayweather Jr. actor Denzel Washington.

“I believed it had every chance to be broken. Abdul-Jabbar, who retired from the field in 1989, said that it just needed to have someone on which the offense was focused.

“LeBron’s life is one of someone who hoped to dominate this game. He deserves credit for his ability to play and how he has dominated the game. ”

James, a four-time NBA champion, is now in his 20th year in the NBA after being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ hometown team in 2003.

This forward was a Miami Heat player in 2010, and won two titles before returning to Cleveland in 2016 to win the only NBA championship in their history.

He’s been with the Lakers since 2018, helping them win the 2020 title. This was also the fourth consecutive time he has been named NBA Finals MVP.

James, a two-time Olympic champion, has won four MVP titles in regular season and been in the NBA Finals ten times.

Abdul-Jabbar was a 20-year NBA veteran who played for the Milwaukee Bucks, Lakers and won six titles, six MVP crowns, and was named finals MVP twice.

James was asked after the game if he thought he was the greatest NBA player. He said that he would let others decide or talk about it. It’s great barbershop talk.

“Me personally, it’s me against anyone who has ever played this game. Everyone will decide who their favorite is. ”






LeBron James





Kareem Abdul-Jabbar





Karl Malone





Kobe Bryant





Michael Jordan





Dirk Nowitzki





Wilt Chamberlain





Shaquille O’Neal





Carmelo Anthony





Moses Malone





James is the youngest player to achieve every significant point tally between 5,000 and 35,000.

He moved past six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan to become fourth overall in March 2019, and the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant into third place all-time in January 2020.

In March 2013, James was second overall, surpassing Karl Malone. This came a month after Abdul-Jabbar beat James’ record for the most regular season and play-off point totals. Only regular season points are included in the official NBA all-time scoring list.

James was a 19-time All-Star who scored 23,119 points in 849 Cavaliers games during two seasons.

He has now scored 7,919 points for Heat in 294 games in four seasons. Now, he has 7,314 points in 266 matches over five seasons with the Lakers.

James also ranks in the top 10 all-time list for assists, steals and defensive rebounds.

“You elevated the game” – Lebron James tributes

US President Joe Biden: LeBron, congratulations. You broke a great record with your entire heart and soul. Your contribution elevated the game. You inspired and challenged the nation, just like Bill Russell, Kareem and others before you. ”

Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers great: “I never imagined that Kareem would break the scoring record.” This is more important to me and our fans, because you are wearing purple and gold, and you broke the record as a Laker. This historic moment is special because it will be the last time we see another LeBron James. ”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: “It is a remarkable achievement that speaks to the league’s sustained excellence over 20 years. Amazingly, LeBron continues playing at an elite level and his basketball story is still being written. ”

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. Your consistent level of play over 20 years, reaching the pinnacle in scoring basketball, is amazing. We’ll look back at our careers and be able to see how it felt to play at the highest level. ”

Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets forward: “It is even funny to even just say that, because you know, coming from where your come from, how hard it took you to grind for this long. Since day one, it’s been an inspiration. Keep up the good work and send your love. ”

Timeline for success

26 June 2003 — drafted number one in the Cleveland Cavaliers

30 Oct 2003 Makes debut against the Sacramento Kings at 18 with 25 points, nine assists and four steals

20 Feb 2005 The All-Star Game debuts, the first of 19 appearances

7th June 2007 The first appearance in the NBA Finals for Cleveland, who lose to San Antonio Spurs

24 Aug 2008 – Wins Olympic Gold with the USA at Beijing Games

April 2009 – Wins the first of his four regular season MVP title

8 Juli 2010 – Joins the Miami Heat, after seven seasons with Cavaliers

21 June 2012. Wins first NBA Championship with the Heat.

12 August 2012 – wins second Olympic gold at London Games

20 Juni 2013 – Back-to-back NBA champion with Heat

11th July 2014 – Cleveland returns after four seasons in Miami

19 juin 2016 The Cavaliers have rallied from 3-1 defeat to the Golden State Warriors and won their first NBA Championship

9 Jul 2018 Signs for Los Angeles Lakers, after signing for them four years ago during their second stint in Cleveland

11 Oct 2020 – Wins fourth NBA title beating the Miami Heat. Also, becomes first player to win Finals MVP for 3 different teams

8 Feb 2023 Passes Kareem AbdulJabbar to be the NBA’s leading point scorer

Lebron James’ record-breaking moment captured in photos

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