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IBA President Umar Kremlev offers support to all USA National Team boxers who wish to participate in the IBA’s 2023 Women’s and Men’s World Championships

As part of the Golden Belt Series tournament in Morocco, an open press conference took place with the IBA leadership as well as several international stars including Roy Jones Jr. This press conference was organized to discuss the USA Boxing Federation’s decision to boycott the World Championships in India and Uzbekistan.

The President of the IBA explained that the IBA supports all athletes in the world and aims to support every boxer.

“My opinion, along with that of the boxers and the organization, is that those who urge their athletes not to participate in the Championships are like hyenas. They have no right to stop their athletes from participating in the World Championships. Those who actively attempt to do so are even worse–representation for every individual country’s culture is important to us, and we will protect all of our competitors. Management is not for those who deny athletes the right to participate.

Kremlev said, “Those officials who interfere in sports have no place.” International sporting events like ours were created in order to unify the world. The IBA is for peace and harmony between all boxers and their countries. Any disputes are settled in the ring.


“I also ask my colleagues from every sport to prevent these officials gaining positions in the leadership. This will avoid conflicts and ensure that more international sporting competitions can be held without worrying about unscrupulous officials. It will protect your athletes’ interests and the IBA’s.

Kremlev also thanked media.

“I also wanted the media to be thanked. The media is responsible for 50 percent of any sport’s success. I thank you for your active sanctioning of a wide variety of sports. I ask that you put more emphasis on sports than politics. Your professionalism and hard work are greatly appreciated and we wish you all the best.


Kremlev added that it was not the USA or its athletes and people who are causing many of these problems, but rather the elected officials who travel and come and go. This is not the view of the athletes or the people. All should listen to the opinions of athletes and people. We are all united in our approach to boxing, even though there are many different nationalities involved. We are fully committed to helping American boxers take part in the World Cup.

“The IBA Board of Directors took positive decisions at its recent meeting in defense of boxers and discussed the issue of funding athletes and federations. We believe that the IBA is more than just another boxing organization. It is a family of boxers, all under one roof.

Umar Kremlev, President of IBA, stressed that the USA National Team shouldn’t be struggling due to current political decisions.

“This decision does not belong to the athletes. No sports officials or politicians around the world have the right to deny their athletes their dream of becoming World Champions. While boxers devote their whole lives to the sport of boxing, politicians and administrators come and go. People who do this to our athletes is worse than scavengers. Their behavior violates the integrity and culture of sport. The IBA will help USA athletes to compete in the World Boxing Championships, including financial assistance if necessary. Our Financial Support Programme is available to help. We will stand up for every country and ensure that they have the opportunity to represent their flag and national anthem in our tournaments. “Administrators and politicians should not be involved in any sport,” President Kremlev stated.

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