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Iranian Resistance rally in Paris

On Sunday, thousands of Iranians joined the People’s Mojahedin’s supporters.

Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), and the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Parisians gathered at Place Denfert Rochereau to show solidarity for the ongoing

Protests in Iran to remember the legacy of 1979 anti-monarchic rebellion. The gathering was a strong demonstration of solidarity between the Iranian diaspora, their supporters, and the struggle for freedom.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of NCRI, was the keynote speaker. In

In her speech, Mrs. Rajavi stressed the importance of ongoing protests in Iran.

Iranian Resistance’s role in securing democratic, secular and non-nuclear regimes.

She stated, “The Iranian people have revolted against the regime and are shouting at the authorities.”

Streets: Death to the dictator The dictator has displayed his true colors by resorting to the most

Protests can be stopped using brutal methods. International community must act now.

Stand with the Iranian people as they pursue freedom and democracy.”

A number of prominent European politicians delivered powerful speeches at the gathering.

Including former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt and French mayors.

They expressed support for the struggle of the Iranian people for democracy and their rejection

Any form of tyranny. Verhofstadt stated that “We stand in solidarity avec the people of Iran in

Their quest for democracy and freedom. Iran’s theocratic regime has been oppressing

The voices of the Iranian people have been silenced for too long. It’s high time they were heard.” He said, “The…”

The Iranian people have been suffering under the yoke tyranny far too long. We must not fall.

Solidarity with them and support their fight for a secular and democratic republic The

The world must not remain silent when there are human rights violations and suppression.

dissent. We must act to ensure a better future for Iran’s people.”

Verhofstadt concluded that the Iranian people deserve democracy and freedom, and we must give it to them.

Stand with them as they strive for a better tomorrow. International community must

Recognize the transition to a democratically-governed government under Maryam Rajavi.”


John Bercow, a former Speaker of the UK House of Commons addressed the crowd.

“The Shah’s monarchical despotism gave way to the Shah’s religious despotism”

ayatollahs. They don’t believe in freedom, women’s rights, media or ethnicity.

minorities. Iran’s people deserve democracy, freedom, rule of law, and respect.

Media, equality for women and protection of equal rights of minorities”

Ingrid Betancourt, the Colombian presidential candidate, also addressed the crowd. She stated “The Iranian

People have an extraordinary opportunity today. Not only is the opposition present in Iran, but also elsewhere.

All over the globe. Women, including Maryam Rajavi are leading the struggle for freedom and justice in Iran.

“Who is at the forefront for the Iranian Resistance.” She continued, “We must stand up in.”

Solidarity with Iranian protesters and support for their aspirations to a free Iran. Our

Governments must recognize the Maryam-led transition to democracy.


Numerous other human rights activists and political leaders attended the event.

He spoke out about the importance supporting the Iranian people in the fight for freedom

Democracy. Many people held posters of Maryam Rajavi up and chanted slogans.

Support the struggle of the Iranian people.


As the international community has been closely monitoring the situation in Iran,

The country is still in flux after the recent protests. Paris events

Sunday serves as a reminder about the NCRI’s continued efforts to bring forth the NCRI Supporters.

Iran’s people a better future. Paris solidarity demonstration

The urgency of the situation is evident as the Iranian people fight for their rights

Freedoms and rights.

Place Denfert Rochereau hosted a powerful demonstration of the commitment of the

The struggle for freedom in Iran is being led by the Iranian diaspora and their support. The speeches and

The presence of leaders from all over the globe serves as a reminder of how connected the world truly is

Observe, and the international community is there to support the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom.

struggle to establish a democratic republic.

The enthusiasm and speeches of the participants made it clear that Iran’s people are passionate about their country.

They have high hopes for a better future and are ready to fight for democracy.

Human rights. International solidarity must be shown for Iran

People and support their aspirations to a secular, free and democratic Iran. The world

We cannot ignore the atrocities and violations of human rights that are being committed by the current administration.

regime and it is crucial that the international community steps in to stop the regime

Support the establishment of a democratic government that represents real democracy and hold them accountable

The will of the Iranian people.

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