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“War on two fronts”: A British journalist tells what is happening inside Ukraine at war

While Ukrainians are fighting bravely against Russian occupation, the state apparatus of Ukraine is still corrupt, Tim White, a British journalist and Ukraine expert, says in his film. Gary Cartwright

Tuesday, February 13th, Brussels hosted Tim White’s documentary “Ukraine: A war on two fronts”, which was presented by the British investigative journalist Tim White. Fighting corruption and the enemy The film focuses on the country’s internal problems, which have been fighting unprovoked Russian aggression for nearly a year. It focuses on corruption and cases where law enforcement agencies have put pressure on businesses.

“We analysed many cases that occurred after the Russian invasion. Each one has questions for authorities. Tim White presented his film to the Press Club Brussels Europe.


Tim White raised concern about the situation surrounding Vladyslav Atroshenko (the mayor of frontline Chernihiv). Atroshenko was found guilty by a court in Lviv of conflict of interests. Atroshenko was found guilty of a conflict of interest for the transport he and his family used to flee the war zone during the initial days after the invasion. According to him, the authorities put pressure on the court. Vitali Klitschko (former world heavyweight boxing champion) was one of those who pledged support to Atroshenko. He said that Ukraine should not “reverse the democratic achievements it worked so hard for.”

“…What is going on around Vladyslav Atroshenko (the mayor of Chernihiv) looks like political history and selective justice. Vitali Klitschko stated that the removal of the mayor by the court for administrative violations is precedent.

Tim White also visited areas where there was fighting just months ago, including the Borodyanka near Kyiv as well as the Russian-Ukrainian border near the Sumy region. White also spoke to entrepreneurs from Kyiv and other frontline cities about the difficulties they face in running their businesses due to security forces. These include the Aurum Group company against which the Security Service of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings and the Saturn company which was subject to an attempted raider seizure. Tim White was struck by the high price that the Ukrainian people have to pay for their freedom. He was also surprised by the inaction of the Ukrainian government to make business easier.

“President Zelensky achieved amazing results in stopping Russia, uniting the West and helping Ukraine. It seems that Zelensky and his team don’t understand the importance of transparency and a competitive business climate for Ukraine. The country won’t be able be a constant recipient of Western financial assistance. Tim White emphasizes that economic recovery is not possible without clear rules of the game.


Bio: Tim White, a British journalist specializing in Ukraine and reporting on Russian propaganda and hybrid influences is Tim White. He is also the author of “Nothing but lies” (2017), “One World Cup. One War. How Much Corruption?” (2018), and “Russia Returns to Ukraine” (2021-2022).

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