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Incentives for the development of IT services in Uzbekistan

According to the Statistics Agency under President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2022, 1.7% of the country’s economy consisted of information and communications technology (ICT).

Communication services are 66.5%; computer programming, consulting, and other related services are 19.4%; data hosting and processing services, web portals – 7.0%; repair of computers or communication equipment is 4.7%; and software release is 2.4%.

The Republic of Uzbekistan has its own legislation that allows for IT-Visas to be granted up to three years. You can receive education and medical services at the same terms as citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It also allows you to buy real estate of any price.

The territorial divisions of Uzbekistan’s internal affairs bodies issue an IT-Visa at the temporary residence of the applicant. This is based on recommendations from the IT-Park Directorate. A visitor visa is also issued to family members (spouses, parents, and children).


IT Card is a recommendation from the Directorate to foreign nationals. It allows citizens with visa regimes to obtain an IT Visa or an IT Card that allows them to use incentives and preferential arrangements.

Recommendations for obtaining IT-Visa and IT Card can be received by the following persons (

1 An investor is an individual or representative of a foreign company that provides financing to a Legal Entity working in information technology. The agreement must be at least 10 thousand US Dollars.


2) IT specialist is a specialist who has a qualification/specialization in the field of information technology, is employed in a legal entity of a resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan in an IT specialty and confirms his income from IT activities is not less than the equivalent of 30,000 US dollars for the last 12 months at the time of application.

3) A Technopark resident founder is an individual who founded / founded a legal entity of a resident of the Technopark, which is duly registered and included on the Unified Register of Residents.

Tax incentives for residents of IT Parks:

  • All types of taxes exempted completely – 0%
  • Exemption from Customs Charges- 0%
  • 7.5% Personal Income Tax Rate
  • Tax on dividends – 5%.

Opportunities for IT Park Residents:

  • Virtual office
  • Dividends in foreign currency
  • Salary payments in foreign currencies
  • A work permit is not necessary for foreigners.

IT Park’s support through Relocation Programme

1) IT companies:

  • Registering a legal entity
  • Opening a bank account
  • Register with the tax authorities
  • Find professionals.
  • Finding and renting office space.

2 IT Professionals

  • The company’s employment policy
  • Register for medical insurance
  • Find accommodation
  • Opening a bank account
  • Preparation of documents
  • Find an employer.

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