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Remember Khojaly: The genocide that went down as the bloodiest in history

One of the most horrific crimes against humanity, the Khojaly genocide will remain in our collective memory as one of the bloodiest events in human history. There is talk about the killing of Azerbaijanis who were peaceful, as well as horrors of torturing innocent persons beyond what we can envision, including the horrible massacres at Katyn and Lidice.

The 366th Motorized Rifle Regiment shelled the picturesquely located city of Khojaly in southwestern Azerbaijan on the night of 25-26 Feb 1992. After the attack, the city was surrounded from all sides. The survivors of Khojaly, including children, women, and elderly, fled to the forests along the snow-covered paths. However, some of them were frozen and exhausted by the cold and were attacked by Armenian armed formations from Askeran-Nakhchivanli.

Foreign and local journalists arrived by helicopter on March 28th and March 1 to witness the horrific scene. The corpses were scalped, their ears, limbs and eyes had been taken out. Numerous bullet and knife wounds had been inflicted on the bodies. Heavy military equipment had burned civilians alive, 4 Meskhetian Turks were killed and 3 Azerbaijanis were blinded.

The investigation revealed that Armenians had opened the stomachs of pregnant women and fed them foetuses (babies) with a soldier’s knife. They also filled their bellies with shells and live cats.


Foreign journalists who arrived on the scene of terrible human tragedy and wrote extensively about the atrocities committed in Khojaly by Armenians.

Journal La Croix l’Evenement (Paris), 25/03/1992: “The Armenians assault Khojaly. The entire world saw disfigured bodies.

The Sunday Times London, 1 March 1992: “The Armenian troops have decimated a thousand family.”


“…Armenians repelled the column of refugees who fled to Aghdam …”( Financial Times, 9 March 1992).

The Times London, March 4, 1992: “Two families had apparently fallen together. The children were cradled in their mothers’ arms. Many of them, including one little girl, suffered terrible head injuries. Her face was the only thing that was left.

Izvestiya Moscow, 4 March 1992: “The camera has shown corpses of children wearing the cut-off ears. Half of the woman’s face has been removed. The corpses of men were shaved.

Le Monde Paris, 14 March 1992: The foreign journalists who were in Aghdam saw, among the bodies of children and women killed in Khojaly, three corpses that had been scalped and their nails pulled out. It is not Azerbaijanis propagation, but truth.

Izvestiya Moscow, 13 March 1992: Major Leonid Kravets. I saw about 100 corpses on a hill. A boy’s corpse did not have a head. There were many corpses of children, women, and old men that were found all over the place, which were killed with extreme cruelty.

R. R.

All investigation material regarding the occupation of Khojaly, atrocities committed against civilians in the city shows that the main perpetrators are the Armenian Armed Forces and personnel of the 366th Motorcycle Rifle Regiment. The Khojaly tragedy was a brutal violation of human rights by Armenians and their complicities. The attack was launched from the 2nd battalion of 366th Regiment under the command of Maj. Ohanyan Seyran Mushegovich (later Minister of Defense of Armenia), and the 3rd battalion of Yevgeny Nakhikh, Army Chief of staff of the 1st Battalion Shitchyan Vaery Isaevich as well as more than 50 warrant officers and fifty other officers

In the Khojaly genocide 613 innocent persons – 63 kids, 106 women, and 70 seniors – were murdered; 8 families were destroyed; 25 children were lost, while 130 children were separated; 1275 hostages were taken, with 150 still missing; 487 left disabled. One city, eight villages, 31 industrial and 15 agriculture facilities, 2695 houses, 56 cultural and 5 communication centers, and 20 educational and fourteen health institutions were all destroyed. Armenians looted and destroyed them.”

Every figure that represents a human destiny is a result of the most horrific crime committed by Armenians to illegally demand the Armenians join Nagorno Karabah Autonomous Oblast in Azerbaijan.

“The Khojaly genocide, with its inconceivable cruelty & inhuman punitive tactics, was entirely targeted against Azerbaijanis and is a barbarian act in human history. This genocide was also a historical crime against humanity. ”

Heydar Aliyev

“The Khojaly disaster was a bloody chapter of the genocide, ethnic cleansing policy pursued along with hundreds years by militant Armenian nationists against Turkic and Azerbaijan populations.”

Ilham Aliyev is the president of Republic of Azerbaijan

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