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Wagner Group: Council adds 11 individuals and 7 entities to EU sanctions lists

This week, the European Council decided to impose further restrictive measures against persons and entities related to the Wagner Group due to the group’s international dimensions and gravity and its destabilising effect on the countries it is active.

The Wagner Group’s activities pose a threat to the citizens of the countries they operate in and the European Union. Because they don’t operate within any legal framework, they pose a threat to international security and peace. The EU will continue to take tangible actions against violations of international law. We are committed to human rights in all countries. Josep Borrell is the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

The Wagner Group, a Russia-based, unincorporated, private military entity is present in many countries including Ukraine, Libya and the Central African Republic, (CAR), Mali, and Sudan.

The Council made a decision to include eight people and seven entities in the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime who were involved or responsible for serious human rights violations in the Central African Republic Republic and Sudan, as well as one person under the Mali sanctions regime for actions that threatening the stability, territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Ukraine.


Two commanders of Wagner Group forces were involved in the capture and subsequent execution of Soledar in Ukraine on January 2023. The head of the Wagner Group Mali was also listed. In this area, Wagner mercenaries are involved in violence and multiple human rights violations, including extrajudicial murders. There are also several high-profile members in the CAR. These include the President’s security advisor, who is also the spokesperson for the group, and notable members of this group serving operational roles or directing pro-Wagner propaganda campaigns.

Group activities in Sudan were also targeted. Listings include companies like Meroe Gold, M-Invest and the head of the latter. These companies are also sanctioned along with Lobaye Invest Sarlu in the and Diamville from the CAR for their illegal trading of gold and diamonds taken by local traders.

The Wagner Group’s public relations arm, the Foundation for the Defence of National Values, (FDNV), is also listed. Lengo Sengo, a Central African radio station, is listed because it engages in online influence operations for Russia and the Wagner Group with a goal to manipulate public opinion.


All the people listed today are subject an asset freeze, and EU citizens are prohibited from making funds available to them. A travel ban also applies to natural persons, which prohibits them from transiting or entering EU territories.

The Wagner Group’s grave human rights violations and abuses continue to be a concern for the EU.


Today’s restrictive measures add to the December 2021 set of measures that the Council adopted against eight individuals and three entities connected to the Wagner Group. This includes the Wagner Group itself.

The Council established an autonomous framework to sanction those who threaten the stability, peace and security of Mali or prevent its political transition from taking place.

The Council created a global sanctions regime for human rights on 7/12 2020. It applies to genocide, crimes versus humanity, and other serious violations or abuses of human rights (e.g. torture, slavery and extrajudicial killings are all prohibited. The EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime demonstrates the Union’s commitment to enhancing its role in combating serious human rights violations and abuses around the world. The Union’s strategic goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy their human rights. The Union’s fundamental values include respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy and equality, as well as the rule of law, and respect for human right.

On 17 March 2014, the first restrictions regarding actions that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Ukraine were introduced.

The Official Journal of the EU has published the relevant legal acts, as well as the names of the individuals and entities,

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