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Global Security Initiative is commendable

In the third decade, the world is on the verge of nuclear Armageddon. It is worth recalling the warnings of Albert Einstein, a pacifist physicist. Paul Tembe, People’s Daily Online, wrote that he cautioned future generations not to use weapons in World War III, but that they will fight World War IV with sticks and stones.

The evidence from the Russia-Ukraine conflict shows that those countries and regions who stoked war by sending gargantuan weapons have clearly ignored Einstein’s warning.

This war has caused destruction and devastation.

It is also evident that the countries and regions inflaming the war are not learning the lessons from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.


What has informed the unambiguous policy stance of People’s Republic of China in pursuit of security and peace in this global chaos?

Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022 was attended by President Xi Jinping, who spoke out on the PRC’s international policy and practice in international affairs under a Global Security Initiative.

The primary initiator and implementor of GSI, PRC’s goals are to promote a “commonly comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security architecture” to “jointly protect world peace and security”.


This is what it means and entails in practice. China is now the largest contributor to UN peacekeeping missions, out of five permanent members.

China initiated the China-UN Peace and Development Fund. It has contributed a total amount of $100 million to more than 100 countries and regions.

It is hard to imagine what could have happened between Joe Biden’s description of him as a progressive leader and “transformative” in his election campaign and the actual incumbent in the White House who continues the warmongering policies of his predecessors in Iran, Cuba and Yemen.

The PRC’s role is commendable in securing world peace and security, as demonstrated by China’s peacekeepers, mostly deployed in Africa.

The GSI is open to most African countries. It builds on China’s strategic generosity in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, economic crisis, and providing vaccines to 120 countries.

This is an excellent example of China “honouring their commitments with concret action”, as it simply “uneven recovery is aggravating inequalities across the globe, further widening North-South divide”.

The GSI is based on these normative principles.

First, peace is essential for human and social development. This is especially true when trying to rebuild society after the Covid-19 new norm. In defending the lives and livelihoods of people and promoting common goods, peace and development are interrelated.

To keep stable supply chains, trade, and industrial operations afloat, it is essential to have cooperation and solidarity. This global solidarity is fundamentally opposed to unilateralism, a Cold War 2.0 mentality and where countries are divided between those who favor the continuation of wars in Russia-Ukraine (mostly western liberal democracies), and those who favour dialogue and diplomacy.

The third option is the GSI that China has proposed. Experience has shown us that countries must recognize the sovereignty and territorial integrity other countries to ensure the UN Charter is upheld. Peace and security can only be achieved through the practice of mutual respect, mutual benefits and mutual learning.

It is important to remember the human toll that was incurred after World War I, and World War II. There were 20 million deaths in each case and 70 million in both. A nuclear war would cause total destruction of the human race, which is the obvious earthly toll.

Why then, do the US and EU continue to support the Russia-Ukraine conflict in the foolish pursuit of weakening Russia and indirectly isolating China in order to incite it?

This is why South Africa chose a policy of “non alignment” in the war. Instead, it is campaigning like Brazil and India (BRICS member) in promoting and emphasizing multilateralism rather than unilateralism, cooperation rather than confrontation, win-win outcomes instead of a zero-sum game.

The RSA’s and PRC’s active endorsement of GSI echo the stance of 120 countries of the Global South that were against Cold War 1.0, Imperialism and Colonialism. This sentiment is also being echoed by the Biden-led US, EU, whose track record of destabilization and warmongering, sanctions and subjective condemnation threatens humanity’s survival.

This truism holds true: “It is not in numbers but in unity that our greatest strength lies.”

It is hoped that Washington, London, and Brussels will recognize this truth to avoid becoming bullies and hegemons fighting, Sisyphean fashion.

About the author: Paul Tembe, a sinologist, is the founder of SELE Encounters.

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