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NextGenerationEU: Positive preliminary assessment of Denmark’s request for €301 million disbursement under the Recovery and Resilience Facility

A positive preliminary evaluation has been approved by the European Commission for Denmark’s request for EUR301,000,000 of grants under the Rehabilitation and Resilience Facility. This key instrument is at the core of NextGenerationEU.

Denmark submitted to Commission, 16 December 2022, a payment request. It was based on Denmark’s achievement of 23 milestones and the two targets in the Council Implementing decision for the first installment. These include reforms related to the digitalisation and tax reform. There are several milestones and targets that concern major investments in areas such as green transition of agriculture, environment, clean vehicles, ferries, research, and energy efficiency.

The Danish authorities submitted detailed and complete evidence to support their request. Before presenting its positive preliminary assessment on the request for payment, the Commission thoroughly reviewed this information.

The Danish resilience and recovery plan includes a broad range of reform and investment measures across seven thematic areas. The plan will receive EUR1.43 billion in grants. EUR201 million of that was paid to Denmark in prefinancing on September 2, 2021.


The RRF payments are performance-based and subject to Member States implementing the reforms and investments outlined in their recovery and resilience plans.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, stated: “Today, I have good news about Denmark: The country is ready for a first payment of EUR301million under NextGenerationEU. Europe’s recovery plan. Once EU countries approve our assessment, this grant payment will be made. Denmark has initiated significant reforms and investments. A reduced registration tax on zero- and low-emission cars will, for example, give Danish households incentives for reducing CO2 emissions. Denmark is also improving the resilience of its healthcare sector with measures to ensure stocks of essential medicines and promote telemedicine. Bravo, Denmark!

Next steps


The Commission has sent the EFC a positive preliminary assessment regarding Denmark’s achievement of the milestones and goals required for the payment. It is now asking for their opinion. In the Commission’s assessment, it should take into consideration the EFC’s opinion. It is expected to arrive within four weeks. The final decision of the Commission regarding the payment of the financial contribution will be made by the EFC following the review process through a comitology panel. After the Commission adopts the decision, disbursement can be made to Denmark.

Based on Denmark’s achievement of milestones and targets, the Commission will evaluate additional payment requests. This is a reflection of progress in the implementation of reforms and investments.

The Resilience Scoreboard shows the progress made in implementing the national recovery plans and resilience strategies.

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