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Russia must answer for all war crimes in Ukraine

Russia considers itself to be the legal successor to the USSR and the winner of Nazism. It is today compared with Hitler’s Nazi Germany by its aggression against Ukraine. Moscow is a slave to Nazism’s bloodiest practices, such as the brutal treatment of prisoners, torture and murder of civilians, and the forced deportation and killing of Ukrainians, even children, to Russia.

It’s been one year since the Russian army bombed the Drama Theatre in Mariupol. At least 600 civilians, including children, were killed. They had fled the relentless shelling of their home. Two heavy-duty bombs were dropped by a Russian plane on the Drama Theatre building that day. The large sign “Children”, which was placed on the square directly in front of the building, did not deter the Russians. Transparency International’s investigation confirmed that the attack was carried out by a Russian plane. They called it a war crime because there was no military target within or near the premises.

The destruction of Mariupol’s drama theatre was not the only war crime against Ukrainians. In Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kherson, mass executions were carried out by the Russian army of civilians. There were also cases of sexual violence against civilians and children.

According to Reuters, the rape of a four year-old girl and her mother by Russian soldiers from the 15th Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade, Brovary District, Kyiv Region, last March, is one example of such a case. Up to date, 11 criminal cases have been opened. The victims were girls between the ages of 4 and 17. These cases include rape as well as various forms of sexual violence. Half of all cases were reported to have involved the mothers of the children.


One year has passed since Russia’s war on Ukraine. The Russian army continues to shell Ukraine’s vital infrastructure, deport Ukrainian children and use banned weapons like phosphorus and cluster munitions.

The Russians have forcibly removed 3000 children from the occupied territories in the past month, bringing their total to 16,000. Over the last five months, 15 large-scale Russian military attacks against Ukraine’s civilian and critical infrastructures were carried out. They also fired more than 800 cruise missiles. The use of prohibited weapons is not restricted. Russian troops, for example, used phosphorus weapons in Donbas near Chasovyi Yanar.

Russia must be held accountable for war crimes committed against the Ukrainian people. The international community must create a special tribunal for Russian war criminals.


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