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Renowned Ukrainian academician Anatoliy Peshko proposes world leaders create a world government with HQ in Ukraine

Anatoliy Pershko, a Ukrainian academician, is the First Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine. He has sent invitations out to world leaders, with the proposal to establish the Council of Global Security, Cooperation and Development of the World, with its headquarters in Ukraine.

The chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations “Narodna Rada”, Ukraine, stated that the task of the international organization is to establish the principles of deep specialty and cooperation among the most advanced countries of this world. This will enable the entire human race to make better use of its natural, intellectual, and technological resources.

Anatoly Peshko argues that there is one way to develop the advanced countries in the world. This is based on his economic and social calculations. It is the creation of a balanced international system that allows for deep specialization and cooperation. This will allow for the acquisition of inexhausible resources, the production of organic products in the context of local agroindustrial complexes, the effective treatment of individuals and the prolongation of their lives through molecular-genetic approaches, exploration of space, and other such matters.

This is possible if each country in the world was to agree to certain natural, eco- and economically sound activities. This approach will result in peace between all nations, as any conflict within such a system can lead to severe material and socio-economic loss.


According to the author, Germany, Israel and the United States are all eligible to participate in the creation of the organization.

Anatoliy Pershko believes that the idea to create a global government centered around Ukraine is based upon the position of Samuel Huntington, an American philosopher and political scientist. Huntington predicted many decades ago and left as a testament for the world community the idea to establish a world administration on the territory of a country like Ukraine.

The invitation was sent to world leaders by the All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations of Ukraine “Narodna Rada”, which is the largest Ukrainian public organization, combining approximately 4,500 parties and public organizations. It was also received by the U.S. President Joseph Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.


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