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Pope Francis in hospital for check-up, has agenda cleared

Pope Francis (pictured), visited Rome’s Gemelli Hospital to get a check-up, Matteo Bruni (his spokesman) said Wednesday, 29 March. Concerns were raised about Pope Francis’s health.

A Vatican source claims that the papal diary is now available for medical testing.

The Vatican didn’t provide any information about the condition of the pope, who is 86 years old. According to the Corriere newspaper, he was suffering from “heart issues” and was taken by ambulance to a hospital.


Bruni’s claims that the checkup had been scheduled were questioned by Italian media. They claimed that the original Wednesday afternoon interview scheduled for Pope Francis had been cancelled.

Ansa’s news agency quoted unnamed medical sources as saying that doctors didn’t worry about the condition the pope after initial tests. These reports were not confirmed by the Vatican.

The pope had attended earlier in the day his weekly general audience at Vatican. He was in good health.

Pope Francis has diverticulitis. This condition can either infect or inflame the colon. Gemelli performed a procedure to remove part of his colon in 2021.

He stated in January that his condition had improved. He said it was also causing him to gain weight. He wasn’t too concerned. He didn’t elaborate.


His knee problem is also a problem. He uses a wheelchair or a cane to get around in public.

Francis said in an interview last January that he wouldn’t have knee surgery as he didn’t want to experience the long-term side effects from anaesthesia.

Francis acknowledged, after returning from Canada in July last year, that his declining years and difficulties walking might have led to a new phase of his pontificate.

He’s been to Kazakhstan, Bahrain, and made a last-month visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

He stated that he doesn’t plan to resign anytime soon and that if he did, it would be due to serious health issues such as a gravely impaired condition.

Interview with him on March 12th, Italian Swiss TV RSI. He said, “A tiredness that makes it difficult to see clearly, inability to evaluate situations and lack of clarity.”

A Palm Sunday service will be presided over by the Pope, marking the start of a busy week for Easter celebrations.

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