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Spanish government criticises TV celebrity for alleged child surrogacy

Ana Obregon ( photographed), a Spanish actress who became famous in the 1980s, is featured on the cover of !Hola! Ana Obregon, a wheelchair-bound mother holding a baby girl, and holding the magazine.

The headline is “Ana Obregon: Mother to a surrogate child girl” and claims to be unique. Obregon doesn’t cite or mention sources, nor does she state whether she was financially compensated for her work by a surrogate mom.

She posted a picture of the magazine cover to Instagram and wrote “We’ve been caught!” A light filled with love brought my darkness to my attention. I will never be again alone. I AM ALIVE AGAIN.”

Obregon’s biological child, Aless (age 27), was diagnosed with cancer in 2020.


Spain is one of the EU countries that prohibit surrogacy.

The surrogacy report was publicly criticised by three ministers of the Spanish government, despite it being legal and having been published in an international magazine.

Montero, equality minister, stated that it is a form of violence against women. Montero also said that surrogate mothers with low incomes are more likely to be disadvantaged than those who are financially secure.


Felix Bolanos, Presidency Minister, and Maria Jesus Montero Budget Minister, both echoed her criticisms.

Bolanos said that women’s bodies should not be sold or rented to meet anyone’s needs.

In return for financial compensation, a contract for commercial surrogacy permits a woman to become pregnant and have a baby.

Critics liken it to human trafficking. The United Nations defines it instead as “sale of children under human rights laws”. It is against EU law.

Advocates for surrogacy claim that it allows LGBT and infertile couples create families. This is more than traditional adoptive methods.

Surrogate parents often travel to countries where the laws are more relaxed because they don’t have to comply with local restrictions.

Italy’s conservative majority declared this week that it will pursue surrogates who travel to Italy.

Last year, Spanish law reform also banned advertising surrogacy. Legal adoption is the only way for surrogacy-related parentage to be recognized.

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