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UN nuclear chief to focus on proposing safety measures around nuclear plant

On Wednesday, the head of UN nuclear watchdog visited Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant. He said that he had put aside plans to create a security zone around it so he could suggest specific protection measures that would be acceptable to both Moscow (and Kyiv)

Rafael Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency had been advocating for a demilitarized zone at the Russian-held nuclear power station. This is Europe’s largest and most important nuclear facility. It has been repeatedly shelled.

Grossi visited the plant on Wednesday for the second visit in less than seven weeks and told Russian reporters that things were not getting better. The briefing was recorded and made available.

The IAEA chief did not mention any specific safety measures that could have been proposed. Russia stated in February that it was near to completion of protective structures for key Zaporizhzhia areas, including the storage of radioactive material.


The facility was seized by Russian troops more than a decade ago, at the beginning of the war. Russia and Ukraine have been repeatedly accused of each other’s shelling of the plant.

Grossi stated that he has shifted the focus of his efforts towards enacting specific protections acceptable to both parties.

“I believe it is vital to ensure there are no attacks. He said that he was trying to present realistic and viable options that could be accepted by everyone.

Grossi stated that it was not secret that there has been an increase in troops in the region.


“It is evident that military activity in this region is increasing. He stated that the plant cannot be protected.

Grossi stated Tuesday that he is continuing to search for a solution.

“I will not give up. He said that he believes the opposite. “We need to increase our efforts. We need to keep going,” he stated.

Grossi met Monday with Volodymyr Zelenskiy the Ukrainian President. He has repeatedly accused Russia of staging attacks at and around the plant in “nuclear sabotage”.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which was sprawling and used around 20% of Ukraine’s national power generation prior to the Russian invasion, was a valuable part of Ukraine’s energy network.

Since September, when six of its reactors were shut down, it hasn’t produced any electricity.

Since September, the IAEA has kept monitors at the plant. Grossi visited the site in September to address fears about a nuclear accident.

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