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Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi on historic visit to Israel

Crown Prince Reza pahlavi: “The Iranians aspire for a government which respects their heritage and preserves human rights, respects religious and cultural diversity and, amongst other things, restores peaceful and friendly relationships with Israel and Iran’s other neighbours. ”

The visit’s goal is to renew the relationship between Iranians and Israelis. Gila Gamliel, Israeli Intelligence minister, will be hosting Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi this week, son of the Shah. This event is intended to create a bridge between Israel, Iran, and the Iranians, as well as express a joint opposition against the Ayatollah government.

Reza Pahlavi was the first Iranian leader to visit Israel in public.

“I am honored to host Iranian crown prince Reza Pahlavi, and I appreciate his bravery in visiting Israel for the very first time. The Crown Prince represents a different leadership than the Ayatollahs, who are extremists in Iran. He champions values such as peace and tolerance. Since Queen Esther’s time, when she foiled Haman’s evil plot to eliminate the Jews of Persia, our nations have had good relations. We are now taking the first steps in rebuilding our relationship with each other.”


Crown Prince Pahlavi who has lived in the United States ever since the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979, said that the Iranian people “aspire” to a government which respects their heritage and preserves human rights, respecting religious and cultural diversity and restoring peaceful and friendly relationships with Israel and Iran’s other neighbours.

“Millions” of my compatriots remember their Jewish-Iranian neighbours and friends before the Islamic Revolution tore apart the fabric of our societies. They reject the regime’s murderous antisemitic and anti-Israel policies, and they long for cultural and scientific exchanges with Israel. A democratic Iran would seek to strengthen its relations with Israel and the Arab neighbors. “In my opinion, this day is closer now than ever.”

The Crown Prince is visiting Israel to express solidarity with Israeli citizens in the wake of terrorist attacks perpetrated by groups operating under the auspices Iran. He will also renew the relationship between nations, and build an economic relationship focusing on water technologies.

In addition, he will honor the Holocaust Martyrs’ Heroes’ Remembrance Day and denounce Ayatollah’s antisemitism.


He will attend the opening ceremony of Holocaust Martyrs’ Day and Heroes’ Remembrance Day. He will also visit an Israeli desalination facility to learn more about Israel’s advanced technologies for water as a possible solution to the crumbling infrastructure in Iran.

Iran recognized Israel in 1950, and both countries maintained diplomatic representations in the other’s country up until 1979. Diplomatic relations included economic cooperation, and limited security ties. The relationship ended in 1979, when Ayatollah Khoeini took power and declared Israel the “enemy of Islam”.

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