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The city of Liège, Belgium, votes a motion to boycott the state of Israel

“The city is following the example of other cities like Barcelona and Oslo who have already made this decision.” The leader of the extremist left party that presented the motion said, “Liege is taking a stand against Israel’s Apartheid Policy.” It is regrettable that radical forces, using lies, have been able to influence the Liege Municipal Council to take a decision so far from reality, and damaging to the economic interest of Liege, Israel, and Palestinians.

The city council in Liege, located in Eastern Belgium voted Monday (24th April) to boycott Israel. The Party of Workers of Belgium, an extremist Marxist and left-wing party, has proposed a motion calling for a boycott of Israel.

Socialist Party and two smaller local parties, Vega, Green Ardent, voted in favor of this boycott. Raoul Hedebouw of the PTB welcomed the decision. He said, “By adopting the motion, the city is following the good example set by cities like Barcelona and Oslo who had already adopted this decision.” Liege has taken a firm stand against Israel’s Apartheid Policy”.

This motion was supported by 100 activists from various movements. “This shows that mobilization can lead to real victories for the people,” he said. He called for Belgium and the European Union to “stop actively supporting Israel’s apartheid policies”. The Israeli Embassy in Belgium has condemned the decision.


Le Soir, a Belgian newspaper, quoted Idit Rosenzweig as saying: “It’s regrettable that radical forces, using lies, have been able to influence the Liege Municipal Council to take a decision that is so far from reality and detrimental to the economic interest of Liege, Israel, and Palestinians.” The anti-Israel Boycott-Disinvestment-Sanctions (BDS) is very active in Belgium. A ranking of EU member states published by the EU this week shows that Belgium ranks among those EU members who are less pro-Israel.

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