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Lebanon: Harfouch meets President of European Parliament and Mikati wants to leave the country

Omar Harfouch is the founder of “Third Republic of Lebanon”, a political party. He arrived in Brussels on Tuesday, May 2 with the aim of holding several meetings relating to Lebanese issues. The Lebanese political leader met with Roberta Metsola as President of the European Parliament and Oliver Varhelyi as European Commissioner. He also met with a number MEPs and representatives from human rights groups and non-governmental organisations.

The letter was sent a day before, by the U.S. Congressional Foreign Relations Committee, urging President Biden to address the situation in Lebanon urgently and to not support any president of Lebanon who is supported by the pro Shiite duo Suleiman and Franjieh. They claimed to want to “fight corrupt and punish corrupt”, and this unusually came just a week following Harfouch’s meeting with Senator Risch, the person who wrote the letter. It is absurd and ridiculous that those who were part of the Lebanese power system can continue the fight against corruption.

Harfouch was in Brussels at the same time as the resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati. According to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar (close to Hezbollah), Mikati announced his intention to leave Lebanon forever and liquidate his affairs immediately following the election of the new President of Lebanon and formation of a newly formed government.

This statement is a defeatist admission in front of Omar Harfouch who, at the moment, is the target of an intense hate campaign from Mikati as the sole proponent of a liberal and innovative anti-corruption proposal.


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