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Breakaway Moldovan region suggests Russia deploy more peacekeepers

Despite the fact that Moldova does not allow Russia to send troops into Transdniestria since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, in 1991; Russia has placed hundreds of peacekeepers in the region following the bloody conflict between pro Russian rebels and Moldovan force.

RIA cited Leonid Mannakov, the region’s envoy to Moscow, who said that “Moldova” is “restricted” from making military preparations or planning against Trandsniestria so long as Russia continues their peacekeeping mission.

He was quoted as saying: “Transnistria has repeatedly asked for an increase in Russian Peacekeepers. It is a reasonable solution given the growing security risks …,”.

The current state of Moldova’s relationship with Russia is strained. It has deteriorated rapidly since Moscow launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which Chisinau condemned repeatedly.


Moldova’s proWestern and proRussian government accused Moscow of interfering with its internal affairs in the last year. The country also stopped using Russian gas and applied for membership in the European Union.

Transdniestria Settlement Process (also known as “5+2 format”) has been at a standstill during the conflict in Ukraine. The settlement involves both Kyiv and Moscow.

Vitalii Andrievschii, a political analyst, believes Manakov made his remarks in order to encourage Moldovans to resume dialogue.


Dmitry Peskov said that he had nothing to say about Manakov’s comments at the Kremlin press briefing.

Transdniestria lies on the border with southwestern Ukraine, not far from Odesa – a Black Sea Port. In the area, a small Russian unit protects a large ammunition depot that was left after the fall the Soviet Union.

The authorities in the region have confirmed that 402 Russians make up this peacekeeping force. They are followed by 492 Transdniestrians and 355 Moldovans.

Alexander Tanas and Tom Balmforth

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