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A Vision for a Democratic Turkiye in Europe

I am confident about the future of democracy in Europe as the EU Envoy for the Turkish presidential frontrunner Kemal Kilicdaroglu, and the Head of CHP’s Representation at the EU.

Our six-party bloc of the Nation Alliance has laid out a roadmap to democratic transformation, which will lead us to a true European Democracy.

The Nation Alliance coalition, led by presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu is dedicated to turning Turkiye in a nation that adheres to democratic values. The Party of European Socialists, as the second largest political party in the EU has expressed support for Kilicdaroglu’s pledge to speed up the EU visa liberalisation for Turkish citizens. Kilicdaroglu, the united opposition, and the PES are seen by them as beacons of hope in terms of democracy, human right, freedom, and cooperation. They also bring Turkiye close to Europe.

Our coalition’s vision encompasses various key elements. Our coalition’s vision includes several key elements. We want to prioritize the democratisation of Turkiye. We also want to strengthen our ties with EU member states and institutions. We also aim to increase Turkiye’s credibility as an NATO member and contribute to the stability and security of Europe in a time of geopolitical uncertainty.


The Nation Alliance coalition and its largest member CHP are fully committed to meeting 72 EU visa liberalisation criteria. Kilicdaroglu has promised to complete the remaining benchmarks in the first three month of the new government. The benchmarks include measures for preventing corruption, aligning legislation on personal data laws and anti-terrorist laws with EU standards and establishing an operational cooperation agreement.

We are proud to be progressives and social-democrats in Europe, and we’re delighted that the CHP under Kilicdaroglu is making progress on the remaining criteria for visa liberalisation. Turkiye, according to PES Executive Secretary General Giacomo Filibeck, is an important partner. We support any step that brings the country closer towards the fundamental values that we share.

CHP maintains a representative office in Brussels since 2008. This office actively contributes to the multidimensional channels of communication between EU and Turkey, as well as the EU Accession Framework. We are committed to maintaining high-level contact with the EU, and we actively participate in PES meeting. This ensures a meaningful and constructive engagement.


The Sunday elections in Turkiye offer our citizens a historical opportunity to elect a government that is fully democratic. It is expected to be the most important election in Europe for 2023, due to the potential impact it could have on the Western world. This election holds the promise to establish a prosperous and democratic Turkiye on its way to EU membership.

These elections will show that democracy can bring about a peaceful change in an autocratic government, despite unjust conditions and the ongoing oppression of the opposition. Turkiye has the ability to inspire other nations that are fighting autocratic governments. We must not forget the fact that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk inspired reformers in Europe and around the world through his commitment to the secularism of his Republic and the will of its people. He laid the foundations for the Republic of Turkiye.

Final thoughts: I am convinced that Turkiye’s future is within the European democratic family. The Nation Alliance coalition, and progressive forces across Europe, support our vision and will help Turkiye realise its full potential to become a prosperous and democratic nation. Turkiye’s shared values and ambitions can be bridged by prioritising democracy, upholding rule of law and strengthening our links with the EU.

We are ready to face any challenges that may arise on the road to EU membership. We are committed to meeting the EU visa liberalisation criteria and understand how important it is that our legislation meets European standards. We are committed to fighting corruption, protecting personal data and enhancing our collaboration with Europol in order to ensure effective law-enforcement.

We also recognize the importance of implementing the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. Respecting fundamental freedoms and human rights is more than a legal requirement. It’s a moral obligation. Turkiye’s position as a trustworthy partner in the international community can be strengthened by adopting these principles.

We aspire towards becoming a more credible NATO member, and we recognize the important role we play when it comes to contributing to the stability and security of Europe. In an age of global uncertainty, we are unwavering in our commitment to NATO values and collective defence. We can promote peace and strengthen alliances by actively participating in regional and international security initiatives.

The upcoming Turkiye elections present us with an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of our democratic system. We remain firm in our belief that despite the obstacles and challenges faced by the opposition we can overcome all adversity with the power of the population. We send a strong message to the rest of the world by exercising our democratic rights: Turkiye, a nation dedicated to freedom, equality, and justice.

We are inspired by the legacy of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk whose visionary leadership turned Turkiye in to a modern and secular Republic. We continue to be inspired by his ideals as we work to create a society that celebrates diversity and protects individual rights. Ataturk’s influence reached far beyond our borders and ignited the aspirations for democracy around the world. We follow in his footsteps and advocate for a Turkiye which embodies all the values that he held dear.

It may not be an easy road to a democratic Turkiye, but we can overcome obstacles with our determination, our unity and the support of allies. We invite the European Union into a constructive dialogue, recognizing that our shared values are the basis for a prosperous and strong partnership.

We remain hopeful about Turkiye’s future as a member of the European Union. We can create a better tomorrow through our unwavering commitment towards democratic principles, rule of law and human rights. Seize this historic chance and let’s work together to build a Turkiye which not only meets the criteria for EU membership, but also serves the world as a beacon for democracy and progress.

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